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Why Do Hackers Target Small Businesses?

history August 20, 2018

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Personal information of millions of consumers is potentially leaked causing great disadvantages for both the business and the customer.

Small businesses are more likely to be attacked than larger ones. 61 percent of data breach victims were small businesses according to a report by Verizon. Thus, if you have just opened an online store on many platforms such as Shopify, you need to be careful.

Here are the reasons why hackers target small businesses

Small businesses are still very much targets for hackers because the hackers make the breaches at big corporations, such as Target and Home Depot. A senior security researcher at antivirus software company ESET named Stephen Cobb supposed that small businesses fall into hackers’ cybersecurity sweet spot for the following reason: they have less security than a larger enterprise but have more digital assets to target than an individual consumer.

That hackers know these companies are less careful about security is another important reason that small businesses are appealing targets. Towergate Insurance said that small businesses often underestimate their risk level because they think that they don’t have anything worth stealing.

82% of small business owners think that they’re not targets for hackers to attack. That subjectivity has brought about losses and disadvantages for businesses and gives hackers the chances to steal the information from their system. Due to this complacent attitude and a lack of investment in cybersecurity measures, they’re easy to be attacked.

Besides, there are more reasons that make the small brands to be a prime target for cyber attackers.

Security breaches can be devastating to a small business. Thus, when the small businesses are violated by hackers, they are more likely to pay a ransom to get their data back.

In sum, small businesses are often the key for attackers to gain access. Businesses in many sizes should be careful and invest in the security issue.

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