Guides to get more traffic in Shopify through SEO (Part 2)

Shopify has made it easier for eCommerce entrepreneurs to set up an online store. The simplicity of building up a new online store does wonders for newcomers, but it also means increased competition for others.

In the previous part, I show you the four steps to get crazy traffics on Shopify platform and in this next article, we are going to find out the last 4 steps to optimize your customers. 

Step 5# Right keywords

It is impossible to implement SEO Shopify successfully without doing research and building keywords for SEO. Many people do wonder how to find the right keywords that customers often visit to be able to click on their store.

The answer is simple, first, you need to take time to think about what your customers will be interested in. Then list out the 5 main topics that you think are most closely related. Next is to search for famous SEO services, bring you the most accurate keyword planning strategy, to increase the effectiveness of visitors from your website.

Step 6# Install free product supporting apps

Shopify has many attractive applications to help you optimize your store. There are paid or free apps for you to choose from.

Installing product reviews on Shopify is what helps to attract customers and also increases their confidence in your products.

Click here to see a powerful application that helps boost your store’s sale: Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart.

Step 7# Content Marketing

A blog is a great way to find customers, increase impressions, get more clients. Through content marketing, you can show up your prominent products’ features to attract your clients. 

All digital marketing companies strongly encourage businesses to regularly update quality articles, good content to appeal to more customers.

Step 8# Take advantage of best Shopify SEO tools and applications

In this section, Autoketing will mention 5 tools that you can use to increase your site’s ranking:

Plugin SEO

Main features


Updated continuously as search engines change

Automatically check Shopify store and notify you of problems by email

This Shopify app helps you identify problems and find a quick fix. It also saves your time and money so you can improve your SEO.

At the same time, it features automatic checks regularly issues: page speed, content, article structure, page title, description, … to ensure your website is optimized as best as possible. 


Main features

See the top keywords of competitors

Find out which keywords your competitors rank for

See which pages on a competitor’s site have completely free search traffic.

SEMRush can help you find hidden and unused keywords. Based on that, you can choose to use to increase traffic to your Shopify web.

SEO Image Optimizer

Main features

Increase traffic from Google image search

Images are quickly optimized

Image is one of the factors that helps your product sell more. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in beautiful, quality images and optimized on the site. It also contributes to faster page load speed.


Main features

Check out all the pages and posts and suggest improvements

Edit multiple pages with just one click

Stay up to date with Google’s algorithm

Yoast will help optimize your website easily using the keywords you choose.

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