What Guides Do Newbies Need For E-commerce Shipping? (Part 3)

In this article, we will figure out the next steps to create to an e-commerce shipping campaign on Shopify Shipping. Memorize and implement them carefully to have the most effective campaigns. Combining discount campaigns of create discount master with free shipping offer is a good choice to boost sales.

Packaging and marketing

E-commerce has developed at a high speed. Its related services have been improved day by day so that customers can have the best experiences. Packaging and shipping was simply a way to deliver and receive an item purchased online. However, these days more buyers consider shipping and packaging as parts of the e-commerce experience. Then, merchants try bringing customers all high-quality services.

You are an online seller. To get many loyal customers, you not only sell good products but also optimize other services like shipping and packaging. Shipping and packaging can help you market your brand.

If your packaging and shipping need to be improved, you learn from Trunk Club. Trunk Club is a store selling men’s clothes and accessories. Each month the store sends customers a custom curated selection of men’s clothes and accessories. Look at their packaging below that their customer unboxing experience is very central to their overall brand experience.


Trunk Club creates wonderful unboxing experience. Even buyers upload unboxing videos on YouTube. This means shoppers are really satisfied with Trunk Club’s packaging service. The store gains more customers through mouth marketing. Everlane is a great example of using packaging as a marketing channel. Everlane’s items are wrapped in craft paper with an Everlane sticker and a thank-you note. The special thing is that the note encourages people to share a photo of their purchase on social media. You can use email with love free to send a thank-you email to customers.

A small thing is able to bring your brand go far.  Some brands are successful because of this marketing strategy. They make use of packaging to delivery an unboxing experience. Think about how you can provide a better customer experience through your packaging and use packaging as a marketing tool. You can use Shopify free shipping bar app to offer free shipping and encourage customers to add more item to their cart.

Packaging options


Before you ship a product, your duty is to package it for safe transport. So what options do you have? There are some common options for packaging including boxes or envelopes. Depending on the type of products, you choose different packaging material. Another choice is poly mailers that offer multiple benefits. They’re lightweight, so they reduce your shipping costs. They can fit different volumes and weights. For instance, a poly mailer could fit one or six pairs of socks.

When you have the demand to choose and buy packaging materials, Uline is a good choice. This store sells packaging materials including more than 1,300 sizes of boxes, bubble mailers, and package cushioning. Some packaging suppliers are ValueMailers, Fast-Pack, and eSupplyStore. Many carriers like USPS, DHL, and UPS offer free packaging service in different types and sizes.

Since the cost of most shipping options is based on size and weight, you should keep your packaging as small as possible. Customers will pay less because you reduce the cost of shipping. The tip to save the shipping cost is to keep the parcel small and light.

You read part 2 to learn previous steps in the shipping process. Explore other fields of e-commerce on https://blog.autoketing.com/.

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