Grow Your Business: Beginners TikTok Marketing – Everything you Need to Know about TikTok in 2020

Grow Your Business: TikTok Marketing for Beginners – Everything you Need to Know about TikTok in 2020

Within four years, TikTok has more than one billion users worldwide, leapfrogging Twitter and Snapchat’s success. TikTok was also 2019’s second-most downloaded device, of which recent growth spurt on the video platform has led many business owners to wonder whether they need to incorporate it into their digital marketing strategy since TikTok turns out to deal with boosting products effectively. In this article, we will provide all the information of Beginners TikTok Marketing in 2020. 

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is a video-sharing short-form app that allows users to build and share 15 to 60 duration videos on any subject.

TikTok operates a separate Chinese business app called Duyin which has more than 300 million active monthly users. The logo for the new app is a mix of the logos and Duyin.

TikTok looks like it will become a big player in virtually every market in the world by 2020. 

The Growth of TikTok

Since its launch, Tiktok’s popularity has been growing tremendously. TikTok has a very focused audience, the platform was designed to give people the confidence that everyone can become a global celebrity. According to statistics, with 66 percent of its users under 30, it is also overwhelmingly preferred by younger people. A similar percentage of users on TikTok is female.

The findings are almost incredible when examining the growth patterns of TikTok. In 2018 TikTok produced more than 660 million downloads worldwide. Considering the app got 130 million downloads in 2017, this figure is significant. That’s an impressive growth increase of 416 percent, making TikTok a promising marketing tool to use.

Why Should Use Tiktok? 

According to BBC News, Tiktok created a wonderful Snowball effect, enhancing the popularity of a singer through one Tiktok’s trending and also boosting the number times of mainstreaming on Spotify and Apple platform. 

One success on mainstream by TikTok traction can be seen this example, The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights just last month started trending on TikTok and is “now chart-topping and one of his most performed tracks“, helping him reach 64 million monthly listeners on Spotify for the ever first time in his career.

Another most known examples of the possible snowball effect of TikTok is the song Old Town Road of Nas X. The original version of the rapper started out on TikTok before becoming a global country-crossover smash with Billy Rae Cyrus, with the makers playing it in their videos as they turned themselves into cowboys and cowgirls.

That sounds impressive and appealing, huh? So how could your retailers take advantage of Tiktok’s traction to retain your customers? And you have no idea about how to start using this marketing platform. Let’s move to the next part, we present to you whole of the things you need to know before starting on Tiktok – Beginners TikTok Marketingthat all Shopify merchants need to know.

How Can Brands Leverage TikTok?

In reality, using TikTok seems simpler than you ever thought.

There are currently three main options for brands wanting to use TikTok for promotional purposes:

Build your own channel for your products and upload videos related to your company. Collaborating with influencers to open your content to a much wider audience.

Pay to advertise using TikTok’s latest marketing options.

Promoting Your Business

Hashtag Challenges

Challenges are an important part of the culture at TikTok. Users of TikTok love to take up a challenge, and make and post videos accordingly. Typically these challenges are given a # -tag name, to make them both fun and easy to find. 

Therefore, a hashtag challenge is a great way to make people talk about your brand. The purpose of a hashtag challenge is to inspire users on TikTok to build or recreate content as their target with your hashtag. The more you can get people to talk about your brand, the easier it will be shared with others. The challenges of hashtags are incredibly appealing and many people are willing to engage in these challenges.

Once a #hashtag challenge is launched on your TikTok’s channel, people can participate with just a few clicks.

Think out of the Box 

Creative, creative and creative is the most important thing on TikTok. Because of their entertaining nature, these short-form videos easily catch the attention of users.

You can use it to create short polished videos (15 seconds) packed with informative data. Although 60s videos are definitely still important, TikTok lets you create more laid-back content that is more focused on having fun and engaging with your audience. What’s even better is that it is perfectly safe to do.

That said, you should not feel the pressure to build meme-worthy content. You may simply create a video showing your product with the background music. The goal is to keep the videos light-hearted while also showcasing the product offering.

User-Generated Content

The most critical aspect of using TikTok as an effective marketing influencer tool is user engagement and the public interaction. One classic example of user interaction might be to challenge other users to join a hashtag challenge (such as a dance).

TikTok’s success lies primarily in providing a unique viewpoint to allow users to engage with your content without offering a forced outlook.

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Collaborate with Influencers

Although TikTok is still in its early stages of advertisement, there are still plenty of ways for you to leverage the site. One way of publicizing on TikTok is by influencers. As with other top social networks, TikTok influencers can be leveraged to promote your company.

The side effect of the young clientele of TikTok is that they are much less involved in flash camerawork and high production rates for content. You need to trust the influencers enough to make their way into their videos – even though they seem amateurish to the eye of a marketer. TikTokers are interested not in the content of your videos but in originality and fun.

TikTok Advertisement 

You may also exploit the official paid advertisement system at TikTok. The advertisement features of TikTok aren’t on the same level as other social media but it’s still worth looking into for your company. Now, TikTok provides three types of paid ads: Native Ads, Takeover Ads and the Hashtag Challenge.


To conclude, the marketing strategies will be centered on where the customers are. TikTok is a rapidly growing site with a bright future for those who want to create engaging content that will draw their audience, increase the exposure of their brand and increase revenue.

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