Grow E-Commerce Store With 4 Alternatives To Traditional Advertising

Advertising seems to be the indispensable strategy to grow business on the e-commerce platform like Shopify. Many traditional advertising channels including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more are a quite effective tool to grow your online business. However, to have a more diverse customer base and bring in new contacts, merchants should pay for advertising or find effective alternatives to traditional advertising.

Many advertising strategies are completely free but many of them are paid ones. Hence, merchants should run accordant campaigns to save costs and time.

Here are 4 alternatives to traditional advertising to grow e-commerce store:

Focus on organic social media growth

Social media channels are still worthy ones for merchants to gain organic traction. It means that you let your website visitors know where they can find you on social. Besides, don’t forget to encourage them to follow you.

Social media is the place where you show off your brand personality and your products. Therefore, you should update your new product collections, flash sales, attractive promotion programs, and more.


In addition, don’t forget to create a hashtag that your clients can use on social media when using your products. It creates a sense of community for your shoppers online. Furthermore, you will have their information or personal account so that you can contact them and turn them into your leads in your marketing.

Encourage customer reviews

84% of purchasers say they believe in online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. Today, there are more and more online stores and consumers has various choices, so they no longer go in and buy the first thing they see. On the contrary, customers will do their research and need social proof to validate their initial interest in the item before making a purchase.


They will look for positive reviews as well as the negative ones. The worst which shoppers have to say is “this shirt is more of an aqua rather than a turquoise”, it’s not so bad. Therefore, your clients will feel more confident to pay for your items.

In addition, according to a leader in search engine optimization named Moz, written reviews can actually boost a product page in search result rankings. That means more clients are able to find your store organically because of others’ feedback.

How do you encourage online reviews?

Serve up an onsite display encouraging them to leave a review if they are returning customers. Besides, don’t forget to encourage reviews in your email to follow up. By collecting more reviews, you can bring more traffic to your e-commerce site and encourage more shoppers to purchase.

Grow your email list

Most people have an email account, so email marketing is critical to the success of your business. Email is a way to reach customers, so don’t forget to take advantage of it to promote your brand.

Let’s see how to grow the email list

According to the statistic, if you’re already getting traffic to your site, on average, you’re converting around 2-3% of that traffic.

Don’t forget to ask for customers’ information when they make a purchase. They are willing to give out their information in exchange for promotion. For example, you can stimulate them with “leave your email to get 10% discount for the next purchase” or “leave your email to get information about new products”.


When you have customers’ email address, you can continue marketing to them by sending the welcome email, the information of the new items, many upcoming campaigns, promotion campaign, newsletters to keep your customers updated, cross-sell to them with the related products and sending the coupons and coupon reminders. As a result, you can rescue more abandoned carts.

If you want to show upsell and cross-sell products when your customers click “Add to cart” or “Checkout” to boost sales, try out Upsell Cross-sell Smart tool for free.

Rely on social media influencers

In case you have the budget, influencers are another effective way to reach new audiences. Influencers have created an audience in a distinct niche on social media so they can reach a large community. By cooperating with them, you have the chance to boost your product sales and brand awareness. They will mention your products and brand on their post, so many people know and come to your site.

However, you should choose the influencers who are suitable for your products and can help make an impact. They also need to bring new eyes to your products as well.

One more note, people who have the highest number of followers are not the ones bringing the best benefits for you. Choose the ones who relate to your products. For example, if you sell cosmetics, find beauty bloggers to work with them.


Co-founder Lana said in a recent Shopify Masters podcast, they reached out to 10 girls. One of them had at least 30,000 followers, and the biggest had 1,000,000 followers. She gave them each their own coupon code with their own handle… As a result, the smallest influencer received six orders with her code when posting it. However, when the influencer with a million posted, she waited, and she waited, and she never got a single order from that influencer. Hence, we can say that the micro influencers sometimes have a deeper connection with their audience and this can make their endorsement more effective.

These are 4 popular and effective strategies to grow e-commerce store besides traditional advertising.

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