Grow Your Business With Recurring Revenue Models (Part 2)

It is said that the loyal customers bring more benefits to businesses than the one who makes a sale walks away. If you are an online store on Shopify, you need to know these following recurring revenue models to grow your businesses.

Two of the models are shown in part 1 and here are the rest:

Add-on products or services

A great way to give your revenue stream a boost is using the ancillary products that enhance your primary offering. For example, Skype headsets and Apple iPhoto books are also a good idea. Besides, you can also consider taking advantage of other services such as premium customer support or product-protection plans.


Becoming a partnership with an organization to offer complementary services or products that your clients are likely to want is also a low-risk way to enter the “membership economy”.

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You can share commissions or profit with the organization for cross-marketing efforts or referrals. The benefit is that you don’t need to take on the risk of selling and developing their products yourself. For instance, hotels and rental-car companies often have partnerships. Therefore, the hotels receive money for guests who rent cars during their stays and the rental-car companies can also make more profits.


Any kind of shift toward recurring revenue requires a deep understanding of how to scale your offerings quickly and efficiently regardless of which model you choose.

Free shipping sometimes is the motivation for your customers to buy more. Because they want to get the free shipping service, they will buy more to get the target amount of money.

Businesses find themselves playing in the different marketplace with various quick-moving competitors. It’s also necessary for businesses to leverage analytics like pricing simulations to learn from clients and adapt pricing models to quickly capture market opportunities.

Keeping customers engaged

You are going to have to change the way you manage relationships with your customers when you make a change to your business model.

If you are trying to profit from an orange grove when the tree is young, everything you do is the nurturing. This contributes to determining the outcome. Invest as much as you can and you can to convince the customer to buy.


Businesses should care about the desire of customers and what they want from your brand. Besides, the experience of consumers needs to be personalized based on the information you learn throughout your relationships with those customers. To increase your customers’ experience, you should give them the best support with Facebook chat which allows merchants to communicate with their consumers every time.

In addition, the efforts of businesses should feel organic and not forced for the customer. It is better to feel like an easy, natural fit in order for audiences to buy into it.

Make it simple and provide the best offering as well as deliver value as a long-term experience for customers to attract them.

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