Grow Your Business with 4 Recurring Revenue Models (Part 1)

Most retailers were traditionally based on single transactions. The customer walks away after making a purchase. You can grow your e-commerce business on Shopify by marketing to these customers and recurring revenue models is also a good way. You can make a profit if they come back and make more purchases but if they don’t come back for other purchases, you’re left scrambling for new buyers.

Nowadays, software providers, box subscription companies, media-streaming services, and other businesses discovered a more efficient and effective way to deliver products to consumers: a recurring revenue model.

Many businesses are looking to grow the relationship with their clients steadily and cater to their evolving needs. It means that the brands want to go beyond one-time transactional purchases and become an ongoing service provider.

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Because of the steadier, more predictable income stream, recurring revenue models are said to be good for businesses. Besides, because it clearly favors the consumer, this model is gaining momentum.


It delivers great service and value over time, it’s an opportunity to try. The ability to provide personalized experiences through recommendations and capture customer data over time is the key advantage of an ongoing service relationship. The additional value-added transactions contribute to raising the utility and value of a customer’s primary purchases.

Thanks to this enhanced value, brands can drive increased loyalty with their customers, because the clients suppose that enterprises can understand how to make meaningful recommendations related to the consumer’s lifestyle.

If you want to give the best experience to customers, try out the currency converter which allows visitors to see the price of products in their currency.

Here are many basic ways to generate recurring revenue for your business when adding elements onto your existing e-commerce model:

Recurring revenue models to develop brand:

Membership subscriptions

Customers have to pay a fixed, recurring fee for a service. It is one of the most common ways to create recurring revenue. Some companies offer a single subscription price and offering and others have tiered pricing, with access at higher levels and increased benefits. This gives clients greater flexibility, and offer the brand a chance to market “upgrading” to members in the lower level.


Don’t forget to earn your customers’ trust with sales pop by showing orders of others within 60 days.

Pay per use

You can consider a pay-per-use model if you sell a service or product that consumers don’t necessarily need on an ongoing basis. There is a fact that if consumers have to pay for an entire month or year up front to plan to use your service or product only occasionally, they may feel ripped off. Thus, pay-per-use is a good alternative or addition to automatic subscription payments.

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Remember to read Part 2 to explore the rest methods.

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