Get Ready And Creative For Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Campaign

Black Friday Cyber Monday is one of the largest special days for businesses to boost their sales. Whether you are running an online business on Shopify or brick-and-mortar shop, you should not let it go away abortively.

Grab this golden chance to drive more sales.

Create banners and hero images to advertise holiday sales

Gorgeous graphics and visuals seem to be the best way to promote your holiday sales. It is a good idea to use banner ads or changing the header/hero image on your homepage for Black Friday Cyber Monday to promote your holiday sales. However, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to get things done because you can consider the themes on Shopify or hire a freelance designer.

Besides, don’t forget to use the suitable holiday theme when you set the discount campaigns in the discount master app.

Plan ads and ad copy

You should plan the ads and ad copy you’re about to run for a sale or promotion ahead of time in order to be able to put more thought into copy and ad placement if you have the new ideas.

You can advertise your products and campaign in many social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and so on.


There is one thing you need to notice that bids are more expensive during the competitive holiday season depending on your niche. Therefore, during big holiday sales, it’s necessary for you to increase your bid price on specific keywords or for certain customers to increase the visibility of your ads.

Besides, it’s a good idea to prepare your holiday sale ad budgets as well if you plan to do paid advertising.

You can also send an email to announce your clients about your holiday sales. In these days, you can get more many new customers, don’t forget to attract them and keep them coming back by sending them a thank-you email with the email with love for free.

Build suspense and buzz around your upcoming sale

There are many ways to businesses to announce a Black Friday Cyber Monday sale, but the most effective way is building suspense and buzz. It can make it an outsized success.


It is a good idea to tease your clients with emails of what’s to come, start piquing the curiosity of your customers, and post sneak peek of upcoming sales on social media. The more momentum you will have during Black Friday Cyber Monday when you finally announce the sale if you begin doing this soon.

In addition, there are more and more customers take part in this holiday sales including the foreign clients, so there is a need to allow them to see the price of your products in their currency and currency converter app can help you do that.

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