Future Of Email Marketing On Better Data And Personalization

Email marketing platform is a part of the overall marketing strategy. Email marketing tactics need to change over time to match the current desires of the customer.

If you have an online store on Shopify, you need to keep in mind the following email marketing ways which evolve in the coming years.

Real-time campaigns

By analyzing detailed consumer data, brands can create highly personalized and effective campaigns. The real-time email triggers will become increasingly common in the coming years, Jason Warnock said.

Email marketers recognize the value of triggered campaigns. Then, they send personalized brand messages depending on a consumer’s behavior.

A real-time marketing email depending on a relevant news story or local event is very likely to be read because many consumers check their various newsfeeds consistently throughout the day.

Contextual behavior predictions

Businesses also need to know not only the types of content their recipients are most likely to consume but also the time and location they’ll actually open the message.

Context and behavior is the real cutting edge of email in today’s world. By tracking the previous opens, businesses can know when a person is most likely to open their email. Therefore, segmenting those opens and applying geographical location data will make a world of difference.

Moving “up the funnel”

The sales process is often described as a funnel. The funnel is lower down when a consumer is closer to make a purchase. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t left an impression if a consumer decides not to open an email.

We’ll see even more powerful and impactful campaigns if marketers optimize email for both the top and bottom of the funnel.

More sophisticated reporting

To determine what’s working and what isn’t, businesses should thoroughly analyze reports from your email service provider. Then, you’ll need to take action and adjust your strategy based on the numbers.

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