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  • How Do Five CEOs Use Their Emotional Intelligence? (Part 2)

How Do Five CEOs Use Their Emotional Intelligence? (Part 2)

history October 9, 2018

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In the previous part, we understand wonderful tips of Elon Musk and Indra Nooyi. Let’s continue to find out how three CEOs use their emotional intelligence to support their career.

Richard Branson, founder, and chairman of Virgin Group

He is so famous in the world. He is a well-known icon entrepreneur, adventurer, activist, and business. We don’t talk about the way he cares about his employees. We will show what he has done for the society. Sir Richard Branson suffered from dyslexia as a child. He supports Made By Dyslexia program and helps people understand this syndrome in the right way.  He contributes to the community so much. He shared with younger dyslexic self:

“Dear Ricky, I know you’re struggling at school and I wanted to give you some advice on how to become the best you can be, even when it’s difficult and you feel like the world is against you… I know you have problems with reading, writing, and spelling and sometimes find it tricky to keep up in class. This does not mean you are lazy or dumb. You just think in a more creative way and struggle to find the relevance in school. Just make sure you turn your frustration with education into something positive. Find things that interest you and pursue them doggedly. This passion is what will keep you going when things get tough and life is always full of challenges. Your alternative ways of thinking will help you see these challenges as opportunities…”


Read Part 1 to know about two other entrepreneurs.

Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric

He was the manufacturing manager of a pilot plant creating a new plastic. There was an accident happening in the factory. He was very calm to deal with the bad situation. While everyone was frightening, he calmed down them and contacted the authority. The executive told about Jack Welch:

“He took the Socratic Method with me and did an incredible job of engaging me in learning about what I did wrong in the process. And I learned never kick anybody when they’re down. No one would ever say that I was soft by any means. But they would never say that I beat on anybody when they were down.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

He is known as a successful CEO and computer scientist. He is creative and hard-working. He is glad to listen to others’ opinions. He sent engineers an email saying “Keep pushing, and know that I am with you… (The) key is to keep learning and improving.” Engineers made some mistakes. However, instead of scolding them over the public, he wrote the email and encouraged them to stand up from the failure.


We hope that 3 stories above can inspire you. Learn the way they treat employees and solve problems

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