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Live Chat Service Helps Store Reduce The Expenses!

history June 25, 2018

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Reducing staff costs will contribute to the increase in the store’s revenue. Autoketing will give you an effective solution with a convenient app named Facebook chat box.

Running a successful business means earning more than you spend. Spending too much on operating costs will always result in reducing the revenue. Thus, online customer support comes into being to help stores not only support customer all time but also save the operating costs. Phone support is the traditional way for companies to take care of the customers remotely but it can be very costly – both in terms of toll charges and person-per-hour costs. Therefore, Shopify wants to introduce to you the live chat app called Facebook live chat.

Live chat is a lot cheaper than phone support because facebook messenger online is free. You don’t have to pay the toll charges for each message or conversation while phone customer support costs every minute. Besides, the live chat on Facebook can also help companies save a huge amount on personnel costs. It allows users to serve a large number of clients at the same time while phone support employee just takes care of one customer. Therefore, the agent just needs to employ fewer and save the wages.

Our application enables your agents or team members to assist several visitors at once. A report shows that agents with proper training can handle three or more chats simultaneously. Besides, a 2012 Aberdeen Group Report indicates that companies using live chat can save up to 50% on average or more on support costs versus other methods. In addition to this, the app supports mobile apps so that the agent can engage in chats after hours when they’re away from the office and respond to customers timely.

The intuitive artificial intelligence programs are becoming more popular as businesses automate their sales and customer support services to reduce costs. This chatting app will be your best choice and it satisfies you with many utilities. Explore more effective applications to help you boost your revenue in https://autoketing.com/.

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