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  • Live Support Helps Businesses Establish A Friendly Relationship With Customers!

Live Support Helps Businesses Establish A Friendly Relationship With Customers!

history June 25, 2018

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Maintaining close relationship between retailer and customers is one of the critical keys to successful business growth. Customer care has never been more important in the era of automation and innovation. Autoketing understands this importance, so Facebook Chat Box is created. Let’s see the advantages of this application.

People who use social networks and regularly go shopping online often have Facebook accounts and Facebook Messenger application which helps users exchange information and keep in touch. Taking advantage of these ideal applications, Facebook Chat Box was born to improve communication efficiency between brands and customers.

Thanks to this app, the store can support online customers every time without meeting even at night or even the sellers are doing another work. Besides, this ideal app is also available on the phone, computer or other electronic devices, so the retailers can advise customers and complete a sale everywhere with the smartphone. Suppliers can receive messages of clients and check on their Messenger inbox in any time and circumstance.

This application is found in the application store of Shopify.  saves and loads the chat history between brand and customer automatically during the conversation. It means that the history and context of the conversation won’t be lost, so the exchange between the shop and customer in the Facebook chat will always be seamless. This allows you to understand the needs and preferences of customers. Thus, a long conversation with the customers is maintained and clients can learn more about the products and services.

Another utility is that this useful app can help the buyers save their time but the sellers still can connect to them directly. Currently, various available live chats require users to register by filling out the name, address, email address, and even the phone number.

It takes 7 minutes averagely and many users can’t be patient to complete this process. Facebook Support Chat removes that inconvenience and gives them a quick access to your support. Therefore, you also can see their profile and build a community of customers with the same characteristics.

This application gives customers more satisfaction than ever before and the suppliers can create the suitable selling campaigns. Visit https://autoketing.com/ for more effective applications to boost your revenue.

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