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  • Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 Must-have Email Types (Part 1)

Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 Must-have Email Types (Part 1)

history September 12, 2020

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A study from MarketingSherpa found that 72% of US adults prefer to communicate with brands via emails. The rate is higher than social media, text messages, and phone calls combine. It indicates that people are more fond of emails than any other form of communication. Email Marketing for Shopify proves its capability to increase traffic and sales. 

Email remains flexible and personalized. It allows us to send lengthier, more targeted messages to our leads. Email Marketing for Shopify Stores has long been famous for its efficiency and ability to boost sales



As a Shopify store owner, we become an amateur marketer at some point. Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tools to draw leads and increase revenue. Read more about the essence of Email Marketing for Shopify Store in Shopify Retailers: Increased eCommerce Sales During COVID-19.

You probably have more than enough email templates in your inbox. However, the more the less. Have you ever wondered what types of email campaigns are crucial for every Shopify store?

Here is the list of 7 Email Marketing Campaigns for Shopify stores in 2020.

1. Welcome Email

Welcome Email is the first to receive when subscribers join your email list. It proves to be the most engaging email of all types. While Promotional Email has an 18% open rate on average, Welcome Email is 45%. People pay more attention to the first message, so nothing should go wrong. If you mess up with the Welcome, they won’t even bother the rest.

Newsletter Subscribers Theme

Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing provides elegant themes with various email content suggestions that helps confused Shopify Store Owner.

How to set up a Welcome Email series

  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Promote incentive purchase
  • Set the positive expectations
  • Connect your customers to your social media or other channels

Welcome new subscribers

Send a warm welcome and introduce your brand in the first Welcome new subscribers email. Let them know more about your store and product, how different you are comparing to others, and what you have to offer.

Hook the subscribers with a professional email theme and engaging content.

Content is King.

Bill Gates

Promote incentive purchase

If you offer a coupon or discount for their email address, make sure you send them the offer you promised in this first email. Create a Call To Action (CTA) that sends the customer directly to your Shopify Store to redeem the coupon.

Make them feel special by personalizing the email. The last thing customers want is to receive an automatic email with no name and flat content that is to send to thousands of people.

Set the positive expectations

Tie a positive expectation with your welcome and brand introduction. You would like them to pay attention or at least not ignore your next emails. Tell them what you’ll be sending. Mention its benefit to customers to make sure they’ll value it.

Connect your customers to your social media or other channels

Link your Shopify Store social media profile, blog, or channels that you wish your subscribers to connect. Let them join your community. It’s a great way to build stronger relationships with customers. Increase more followers and engagement rate on social media also help you polish your brand.

Online Business on Instagram

What content should include in a Welcome Email

  • Introduction
  • Invitation to your social media or network
  • Learn more about the customers

2. Promotional Campaign

Promotional Campaign Emails are probably the most familiar with you and your customers. If your Shopify Store has been in progress for a while, chances are you have dozens of promotional email templates in your inbox right now. 

As a customer, they wouldn’t want tons of different emails trashing their mailbox. Instead of a list of emails with no specific target or structure, what you need to build is a Promotional Campaign.

Email Marketing for Shopify with Promotional Campaign

Here is some spice for your email promotion:

  • Curiosity
  • Offer gift cards, merchandise or free-shipping
  • Use colorful themes and high-quality images
  • Creative with the content
  • Provoke customers’ emotions

3. Email Nurture Series

An automated email campaign is perfect to draw more leads. Lead nurturing is guiding your customers to each stage of sales and eventually driving them to purchase.

Email Nurture Series come to effect when you need to draw potential customers into buyers. It’s much more different than casual promotion emails when you offer discounts or coupons. Some might think nurturing email is optional. However, it will distinguish your Shopify Store from other competitors.

In a normal setting, you promote products in promotional emails. With nurturing email, let focus on helpful content to subscribers or give authority to your brand.

Autoketing Nurture Email

Here are some ideas

Email 1. Educate your customers

It would be boring to hear a person bragging non-stop about themselves. The same goes for your email content. Instead of introducing your products in every single email, provide some useful information to subscribers. Take Leesa Sleep, a winner in the Shopify Build a Business competition. The content in their nurturing emails included:

  • What is a quality mattress
  • The harms caused by sleeping on a low-quality mattress
  • How a bad mattress can affect your posture, back, and digestive system
  • What is a quality pillow
  • How a quality pillow increase your sleep quality
  • The scientific of sleep
  • How to improve your sleep quality
Educate Customers

Once you do research, you’ll realize that there are endless topics to write. It could seem like a lot of time and effort to create content. However, its outcome is promising. Eventually, you are leading customers to buy your products. More specifically, yours.

Email 2. Create brand awareness

You own an Online Shopify Store. Your first goal is to earn money from this business, not to build a high-end brand like Dior or a super popular one like Adidas. However, did it ever come to your mind that branding is the key to business success?

Customers find the desired product in your Shopify store and purchase it. They could come back thanks to your excellent service. Or completely forget the name of your store right after receiving the delivered packet. There is plenty of fish in the sea after all.

Branding is what makes the customers keep coming back without you begging them.

Welcome Email has finished its role as a splendid introduction to your brand. Now email nurture series’ mission is to expand it.

Tell the customers your story and what makes your brand different from others. This is when compelling storytelling takes place. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Brand history
  • Founder’s story
  • Staff members notable life story
  • Customer success
  • How your brand overcome hardship

Stories humanized your brand and products. It makes the customer feel more sympathy and more interest in your brand.

4. Ecommerce Email Receipt

According to Conversio Report, Email Receipt has a 70.9% open rate, while eCommerce email only stands 17.9%. Ecommerce Email Receipt is the goldmine of sales and revenue. 

It’s a waste if you don’t take action.

How to set up Ecommerce Email Receipt?

  • Take your default receipt with pertinent information, such as a transaction number, name, or portfolio of the purchased products, shipping information, contact details, and payment.
  • Add your selling point to the Email Receipt. For example, product recommendations, social media buttons, or information about your Shopify Store upcoming campaign.

Here are 4 Most Effective Email Marketing for Shopify that you can add to the Email Campaign list. Read Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 Must-have Email Types (Part 2) to have a wider vision of Email Marketing for Shopify.

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