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  • Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 must-have Email Types (Part 2)

Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 must-have Email Types (Part 2)

history September 12, 2020

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In Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 Must-have Email Types (Part 1) we have learned the essential off Email Marketing for Shopify and 4 Email Campaign that boosts your brand’s reputation. In Part 2, we will continue to cover 3 Email Campaigns your Shopify Store can’t exist without.

5. Abandoned Cart Email Series

81.4% of the online shopping cart is abandoned. Automated Abandoned Cart Email create to reduce the number as well as the money you lose. To maximize the effectiveness, you should build an email series, not just a single email. 

The campaign could help your Shopify Store earn more money than you can expect.

Set An Abandoned Cart Email Series

Based on your products’ types, the time to send Abandoned Cart Emails can be adjusted. Follow these recommended steps if you’re still puzzling over what to do.

  • Email 1: Send after 24 hours
  • Email 2: Send after 48 hours
  • Email 3: Send after 72 hours

Analyzed the data over time, you can determine how to adjust the time or content of the Abandoned Cart Email Series. If the conversion rate of the Shopify Store starts to drop, you can end the email sequence. 

Is it possible to send more than three abandoned cart emails? 

The answer is positive. Don’t be afraid to send 4 or 5 emails to remind your customers. If they keep buying from your abandoned cart email, it’s a clear sign that you can continue sending them.

Email 1. Remind abandoned products

In the first email, send customers a simple reminder about what they have left in their cart. How can you make it more efficient? 

Show customers a picture of the product. Add a link directly to the Shopify store. 

Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing provides the most impressive notification for Abandoned Cart Email on Shopify.

Customer Feedback on Thank You Email Marketing Tool

Email 2. Persuaded Email

After the first Abandoned Cart Email, somehow, customers still delay purchasing. It’s high time to convince subscribers that the products they have been considering are worth buying.

Asking customers their reasons to abandon products if you want to verify the cause and avoid it happens next time. In a month or two, you will have valued data to improve your Shopify store efficiency.

Email 3. Offer Letter

Many Shopify stores offer a discount right in the first email. However, this should only state in email number three. Consider this if you want to boost some more motivation. 

Your offer can be a discount for the next purchase, coupon, free shipping, etc. Whatever you choose, the move must create the Call to Action and drive the customers to purchase. 


  • Add a photo of your product
  • Add a link that takes them to check out
  • Consider your special offer carefully
  • Run an A/B Test to find out what approach suits you best
  • Connect the social media button in the email

6. The Triggered Email Series

Triggered email is also known as behavior email or transactional email. It divides into two categories: event and segment.

In event-based emails, every time customers make a purchase they receive a confirmation email.

Segment-based emails are delivered to define a new condition, attributes, or activities. For example, you send an email to inform the person who has become your loyal customer and they can get many special deals from now on when purchasing products from your Shopify Store.    

Triggered Emails are a series of automated emails in email marketing. It works specifically for targeted purposes and audiences.

Over 75% of email revenue is raised by triggered email campaigns rather than promotional campaigns. This means with the right setting, you can drive customers’ behavior, and eventually boost more sales.

Triggered Email Statistic

4 Types of Triggered Email you can add to your email marketing list

  • Campaign activity: An email is sent to your email campaign list. 
  • List management: Trigger an automated email when a subscriber joins the list or is added manually.
  • Workflow activity: Send after a subscriber receives but doesn’t click on the link you included in the previous email.
  • Ecommerce: The email sends after customers purchase a product, successfully or not.

7. The re-engagement campaign

Customers subscribe to your newsletter because at that moment, they need that information. That need can be solved over time so after a while, customers may start to ignore your emails. If you continue sending unsolicited emails, it would be a loss for both. Your customers feel annoyed. Eventually, they will unsubscribe. You lose a valued customer and your valuable time.

One Return Study Path shows that less than 50% of subscribers will open and care about the email’s content.

If you want to draw inactive subscribers into a highly active one, changes need to be made.

Set up a re-arrangement email campaign with these steps

  • Start the series with a reminder
  • Follow up with an undeniable offer
  • Send notifications about unsubscribing inactive members
  • Unsubscribe inactive users

Here is the recommended re-arrangement email campaign structure applied to inactive users

Email 1. Offer letter

Introducing a discount aligned with compelling content inviting customers to visit your site. The offering email can be a meaning discount, coupons, or gift cards. If there is a time you need to wow the audiences with discounts, that time is now.

Research shows that merchants are more likely to sell for the existing customer by 60-70%. While new customers only stand 5-20%. You already have existing subscribers, yet inactive. However, drawing them to visit your Shopify is much easier than creating the new one. Because losing a bit more money on sales to keep them coming back is still cheaper and less time consuming than running ads to invite new customers. Once the customers are engaged, they will continue to stay with you in the future.

Remember to add urgency in your offer letter to create a Call to Action. 

Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing creates the best Call to Action. It also provides all the desirable features to skyrocket your revenue. Received 4.5 star-rating on Shopify App Store, Thank You Email Marketing Tool let its good reputation speak on its own.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing

Email 2. Inform email list removal

Kindly inform the customers about their inactive condition. Tell them in case there is no purchase or response in the remaining time, their contact information will be deleted from your data.

Email 3. Unsubscribe

If inactive subscribers leave you with no response, you unsubscribe them as promised. You also inform them about the action. Included a link to subscribe in case users missed your Email 2 unintentionally. This gives both you and the customers another chance to keep the bond.

Closing advice

We have uncovered the most 7 behavior triggered email campaigns for Shopify. Walkthrough this list to set up your Email Marketing for Shopify Store. Once the email campaign has been running, you can analyze its effectiveness with data to further improve your Email Marketing Campaign for Shopify.

If you’re looking for trustable applications should be considered to you Shopify Store, check for the reference resource Shopify App Store  

Last but not least, keep in mind that the Autoketing Team is always ready to support you. Autoketing is constantly looking for new updates and the best solution for online business on Shopify Store.

If you need any assistance or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always there to help.

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