One effective way to attract customers and stimulate their shopping needs is to create a discount campaign because consumers are more likely to purchase more if they can buy the products at the lower price. Nowadays, it’s not difficult for you to create the discount campaign due to the advantages of the Discount Master app.

If you want to boost your sales for your online store on Shopify, this app can bring you the surprising result.

In Part 1, I show you one of the three outstanding features of this intelligent app and this is the second one.

Countdown Timer: Promote the consumer’s purchase decision right from the vision

This app can encourage customers to purchase more and quickly by informing them about the exact remaining time of the discount campaigns. Thus, it makes the quick buying decision. It is a method of creating an urgency about time.

In addition, it is also a way to prompt buyers to make a quick purchase decision before the discount ends.

It attacks directly into the customer’s eyes and attracts customer attention with 10 eye-catching themes such as Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween. Thus, you can entice them to capture this chance and promote their purchase decision.

Stock Countdown: Create a scarcity of products by showing the remaining quantity of each item in stock

You can let your customers know the inventory of each item in stock to create a scarcity of products. Then, it helps promote the customer’s shopping process.

You can prompt customers to buy your products immediately at first sight with a countdown timer and scarce effect about products.

Furthermore, there are more reasons for you to choose this Discount Master app:

  • Possess the perfect combination of 3 outstanding features
  • Use full features with a low price to save money
  • Install simply and use easily
  • Have a user-friendly interface and a variety of themes.

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