Essentials for eCommerce Business: Guides to Best Email Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing strategies are changing day by day, a myriad of eCommerce stores has appeared. As an online business owner, do you have key tactics of marketing to grow your business? The email marketing system is in continuous development, however, with all the digital marketing strategies available to you, you may ask, what is the value and way to build such a best email marketing campaign?

Yet one thing remains the same: it goes nowhere. The methods you used up to now may not have the initial effect you would have wished for. For email evolving and adjusting constantly, you need to work to build the best experience for your subscribers. What better way to do this than to incorporate in your email campaigns the new best email marketing trends.

Here, Autoketing blog picked the top potential 2020 best email marketing trends, separated into 2 categories: technique and design, help merchants kick off the previous year and be prepared for new challenges.


Welcome email series for new shoppers  

A welcome series would be highly suggested, which is your business’s chance to introduce the brand to a new email client and start developing a relationship with them.

Welcome emails have an average open rate of more than 80 percent, so it’s the best chance to highlight your project, goods, and services when a subscriber is highly engaged, and inspire their first purchase.

Consider the focus of your messaging as well as its cadence when preparing your welcome show. You’re going to want to contact clients early but be careful not to flood them with too many emails at once. For example, if anyone joins the welcome flow, they should be exempt from fee shipping if recommending your store to their new friends. 

Abandoned cart email 

It is necessary to submit your initial notification to customers within an hour or two of an abandoned cart while it is still a top priority for them, and before they can complete their order on the site of a competitor. But remember, as with any email campaign, testing the series ‘cadence to find the sweet spot for your company. 

For those clients struggling to convert after a few gentle nudges, the best-abandoned cart emails exploit dynamic content to personalize the messaging and typically provide a rich deal later in the show. Plan to perform bid research to find the best timing and marketing for your brand to drive conversions.

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Post Purchase Email Sequence

Although informing post-purchased goods are usually not big sales drivers, post-purchase email marketing is a fantastic opportunity to build on your existing customer relationship and transform it into brand advocates.

Besides regular transactional emails, you can submit useful product education such as user guides and how-to videos as well as consumer feedback requests and product reviews.

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Thank you Email Marketing

A Thank you email not only helps merchants send a thoughtful, friendly email but they can also use it as a remarketing tool to draw back their customers and purchase their items to increase repeatable sales and sell those goods.

By sending a Thank you email, you will illustrate the benefits of selecting the product or service of your choice, which may be an effort to enter into a lucrative business contract.

Moreover, via email, you can decide to give them more favorable conditions such as a coupon or a discount to motivate your customers to purchase more. A letter of thanks to you is a perfect chance to do such things.


Contain 3D graphics

Pictures express a thousand words. If you would like to update your email template maybe it’s time to move from 2D to 3D and give your emails a whole new dimension. The 3D graphics will elevate your post, adding more life and depth to your goods or services in a whole different way. They will help make the goods come alive and create a composition of interest. As they certainly stand out, you can use them to illustrate a significant aspect of your inbox.

Pictures with 3D graphics really show how much potential there is in this art form. It has a straightforward message, an excellent design and it definitely looks different from the normal emails that you receive.

Use minimalistic designs

Minimalism has begun to be a popular designed style in recent years, and it is not hard to make out its emergence. Simplistic or minimalistic has recently become mastering the art with the intention of creating functional design centered around quality content for customers by designers. 

Choosing simpler solutions isn’t about losing your imagination. You can experiment with color schemes, fonts, and graphics with a more minimal approach. This not only expresses ideas to your customers at ease but also please and catch their attention.

Use creative typesetting

Typography is a special art form using the terms that all business owners want to pass around as a basis for the art itself. Email is no longer a collection of words to draw publicity, with a pretty photo attached to it. Words are the pictures themselves, and the reader is immediately drawn to the item that we want to show your clients.

The use of web fonts is a very common practice, even with some rendering difficulties. But we may see an evolution in modern typography in 2020. It’s not only going to be beautiful lettering, but it’s also going to be a highlight of text, mixing animation, shapes and integrating into text graphics.

Bear in mind that trends shift from one to another, they constantly evolve based on consumers’ and marketers’ needs. We do hope that you take advantage of the best situation to boost sales of your store.

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