Why Should Enterprise Send Email To New Customers Leads?

If you’re going to implement an email marketing program but still not so sure about the reason for sending email, I will explain how email marketing can turn your customers into more loyal customers who, in turn, are more profitable customers of your online store in Shopify.

In this article, you will know more about the customer lifecycle and what type of email to send to get the most out of your customers and your email marketing program.

With a familiar customer, email is a reliable, robust and cost-effective way to make your existing customers repeat. To give them a reason to return to your website and, ultimately, make them more valuable to you, you should send the special offers, email reminders or even just information newsletters to existing customers

If you are contacting new customers, you are dealing with people who may not know your store. They may have no idea of your brand or your products, so you need to put a big offer in front of them! Therefore, they will be curious and impressed with your shop and decide to learn more about it.

Try your best to make the email content engaging and promote your brand visually to attract them. For the first-time client, you should send the email to not only give the thanks for their purchase but also get feedback from them and give them the clear directions to contact customer service for any of their needs.

You can refer our app named email with love which helps you keep in touch with your clients and give them the thank-you email. This application can be found in Autoketing apps.

For the new customers, it is important to make them feel like they’re special and part of a conversation with your company. Then, they like your service and keep coming back.

Then, the user thinks of a product related to you the next time and they will remember your email and even your brand.

Remember to take the time to identify customer patterns in your database and send the right message at the right time to them. Then, you can increase your customers’ engagement and activity with you. That helps you increase your revenue value!

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