Email Marketing Trends On 2019

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Email marketing is always a powerful and popular marketing strategy. Email is a popular communication channel, so if you can take advantage of it, you can turn it into the sales channel.

However, in order to get success in this channel, you need to have marketing skills and clever ways to keep your subscribers engaged.

Besides, you should also follow the email marketing trends to not only figure out the tactics and tech to adopt but also keep the email marketing strategy in tip-top shape.

Let’s take a look at these following email marketing trends and apply to your online store on Shopify.

1. Use of interactive elements

Using visuals in emails isn’t anything new, but including interactive elements in your emails is a good idea in 2019.

The interactive emails use CSS and HTML to create engaging images, animations, and other elements typically used on web pages. Interactive emails can also be called “mailable microsites”. It allows users to browse different pages or components in the email itself through tabs and features as “tap to view”.

Keep an eye on these following methods to make your emails interactive.

Provide additional product details

Showcase your product

Make messages more fun and engaging (by using sounds, images, and so on)

2. Smart applications of AI

You can consider using the thank you email app to send the automated thank-you emails to your customers to boost sales.

The app allows you to send a sincere interest to customers. It builds a professional customer care style, improves communication with customers, and build trust. In addition, this email helps make a good impression and create a close relationship with clients and still save on brand advertising costs.

Deliver more personalized content

With email marketing, you can personalize the content and make it more accurate and efficient. Besides, you can give recommendations based on the customers’ purchasing history and purchasing behavior. In addition, you can inform them about the new products.

3. Reach your subscribers at the right time

The time to send email is also important. If the email is sent at the wrong time, it will yield less-than-stellar results even with the most well-written message. You need to see the data – the open and click rates, and conversions of your subscribers to nail the timing of your messages. Therefore you can understand their email and purchasing habits that can help you optimize your campaigns.

In addition, don’t forget to support your customers in time to make a professional customer care style with facebook live chat.

4. Nurturing overselling

There is a fact that leads can come in at any point of their purchasing process, however, that they also need to be nurtured. When running the email marketing campaign, Find a balance between being informative and moving them to the purchasing stage, merchants should find a balance between being informative and sending out helpful content so customers have more reasons to trust you.

If you usually send the unsolicited emails, you will start being a nuisance and your emails will likely be ignored. Therefore, the marketer should build a reasonable plan to get success in email marketing.

You can introduce upsell and cross-sell strategies on emails. Use upsell app on shopify to creates offers.

5. Integrating with other marketing channels

It’s better to incorporate your email campaign to other marketing channels. You can link to your social media accounts and blogs that may contain relevant videos, images, and content. Therefore, email is considered a channel to maximize your business goals.

I hope that this information can help you get success on the email marketing campaign.

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