Email Marketing Practices: The Best Ways to Improve Every Email

Creating email marketing strategies can be overwhelming for anyone who’ve just start to implement it to promote their Shopify business. At the same time, you may come up with so many variations of emails within each category that you can send to your customers. However, you will soon discover that every email has mostly the same parts, and by capturing the best practices you can get better results from email marketing for your Shopify shop. 

Email Marketing Practices The Best Ways to Improve Every Email

Be More Serious With Before-the-open Part

A common mistake in writing an email is focusing solely on the body part. The email content is important but you need to convince your subscribers to open them first. There are 3 notable things to get them open your email:

  • What you write in the subject line and preheader text
  • When your email reaches subscriber’s inbox
  • How you segment customers’ email list in order to send the right emails to the right people

Subject Lines That Get To Open

The subject line of your email is the most important factor deciding whether a subscriber opens an email or not. The best email content can’t save your campaign if the email subject doesn’t match people’s needs. Fortunately, email marketers have found what factors a subject line should have:

  • Your subject should be clear and understandable so your subscribers can understand what they’ll find in the email.                     
  • Keep the email subject line from 55 to 70 characters to make sure no character will be cut off on subscriber’s mobile.            
  • You want people to open your email, so you might try to send as much email as possible. However, it could result in unsubscribing. Open rates are important only when they lead subscribers to your call-to-action. 
  • A subject line in the form of a question tends to engage subscribers.   
  • If you’re in doubt of what subject lines work for your business, run A/B test on them to know what is more effective.                                                                              

The Right Time To Send Emails

The very first step to start your campaign is to find out what times of the day is the peak of your sales. This step helps you get to know customers’ schedules and habits so that you can plan out a strategy. Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking peak purchases times. 

Other types of email like emails of order confirmation must be sent right after the purchases are made. And lifecycle email requires testing based on customer behavior to find the right time. For the abandon cart email, it should be based on the reason for abandonment and recovering orders strategy.

Email Segmentation

Segmentation enables you to send the relevant emails to the right subscribers at the right time. You can segment your email list based on the following factors:

  • Customer type
  • Interest in certain topics or products
  • Location
  • Level of engagement

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Best Practices Email Content

Writing a Body That Gets Read

After you know the right time to send your email, and what to say in email subjects, it’s time to format the email body. The body of your email should be compelling, concise and branding. It should include call-to-action features to convince your subscriber to visit your store and even make purchases. The most important information should be put to the upper, and the following are the details. 

To make your email readable, each email should start with only one simplified offer, includes short paragraphs along with usage of bullet points and headings. You can try formatting your text strategically, for example, bolding or highlighting phrases to gain the attention of readers.

Using Images That Truly Add Value

Image is a useful tool to deliver your messages, but also it might take time to load the email on mobile devices just because of them. The solution is to add the images that matter to the email – or when they impact on subscribers better than the text. In addition, make sure the size of the images is less than 1MB. And you should always add alt text for images because there are some email services block images from unknown senders. 

Using Effective Call-to-action (CTAs)

CTA, usually a link or a button, represents the goal of each campaign. It is a suggestion of the next step that you expect your customers would do after they finish reading the email like purchasing an item or leave a comment on your website. Here are some helpful tips for effective CTAs:

  • Every campaign should have only one CTA in order not to confuse your customers. 
  • Get your customers to act by creating urgency. Use the phrases that emphasize the scarcity or drive the customer to purchase. For example, a limited number, buy now or get your order now. 
  • CTAs need to be outstanding compared to the rest of the email. Instead of using the text link, using a button image with highlight colors will attract readers’ attention better. A recommended place to put the button is the area that has a lot of white space, and it shouldn’t be the bottom of the email. 

Measuring Email Performance

Tracking the performance of the email is essential to your campaign because it enables you to know what needs to be improved. There are four statistics you need to analyze:

  • Open rate: the percentage of subscribers that opened the email
  • Bounce rate: the percentage of emails that don’t make it into a subscriber’s inbox
  • Click-through rate: the percentage of subscribers that click any link in your email
  • Opt-out rate: the percentage of subscribers that unsubscribed your newsletter

When doing online business, you send all kinds of emails to support your marketing campaigns. It can be stressful at the very beginning, but these practices will help you overcome the struggles and be more proficient in email marketing.

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