Effective Cross-Selling And Upselling Strategies For Merchants

When you recommend your customers to add additional items or shifting to a more premium version of their original choice to increase their cart value is called upselling. Besides, cross-selling is when you suggest to your clients the related products that will go supremely well with the original purchase.

There is the fact that cross-selling and upselling are important for businesses when selling both online on Shopify and offline.

When doing something, to succeed, you must have a suitable strategy. So, it is possible to increase your revenue if you give intelligent tactics.

Follow these keys and choose the one suited your business:

Cross-selling strategies

Whatever you sell: products or service, cross-selling is useful. It helps not only boost your interest but also your customers get the additional help they need. It does take some planning to create a cross-selling. You should take the time to visualize how the process could work in your business and in the case of clients. Focus on these key to give the most helpful suggestion to your consumers: segmentation, relevancy, and timeliness.

For example, your company offers housecleaning services, when people are having trouble keeping up with basic household cleaning tasks, they will hire you. You can introduce them that you also provide other services including washing dishes, folding laundry, etc. They may never get the additional help they need if you don’t give them the recommendation. By contrast, you can provide your customers with additional options and drive in-depth awareness of your offerings if you share other related services to them.


To gain insight into your customers, you can segment your customers into groups by location, gender or age. Besides, merchants should also learn about their attitudes and beliefs to understand why they purchase from you and know what they need and what they’re looking to solve to give a suitable suggestion.

The important thing when cross-selling is to help clients save time or improve their lifestyle.



You will need to create a cross-selling strategy after segmenting your customer base. Therefore, you have the knowledge to suggest the relevant products and services to the purchase and to the customer type.

Cross-selling works even better when you have a high-priced offering and you offer a lower cost accessory or service. Besides, cross-selling brings the best result when you have a high-priced offering and you provide a lower cost accessory or service.

For example, a landscaping business including career-oriented, time-strapped pet owners needs weekly lawn care. It is better both for you and your customers if you introduce them that you have weekly pet waste removal service. This helps them save time while maintaining the beauty of their yard.

When you have two low-cost items, cross-selling also works well. When you own a coffee shop, you can add the custard cakes into your menu because they go well with coffee. You might have your staff suggest them when clients order coffee.

Your messaging must come across as helpful and authentic whatever you sell. The key to successful cross-selling is offering intelligent suggestions based on your conversation or observation. You will lose your customers if you’re simply trying to unload overstock inventory.


Most sellers try to cross-sell at the time of purchase by recommending relevant items, displaying items that are frequently purchased together, and sharing what other customers have purchased. However, it is not always the ideal time. It is important to choose the right time to make suggestion. Sometimes, the suitable moment is when clients experience the service.

Timing is also an art when cross-selling.

Upselling strategies

It sometimes takes a bit more finesse and nurturing when upselling than cross-selling. In addition, it’s best if you can create the upselling strategy around an authentically personal approach.

Besides, you can use an app to carry out upselling and cross-selling. I suggest the Shopify Upsell which allows merchants to create upsell & cross-sell every time, discounted upsell & cross-sell, and more opportunities for sales. It is easy to set up and you are allowed to choose the products as well as time to display.

I hope that this information can help you create your own upselling and cross-selling strategy.

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