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  • 6 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Store Need Negative Reviews

6 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Store Need Negative Reviews

history June 4, 2021

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Negative reviews may seem like bad news for your e-commerce store, but in fact, they are not! When you sell anything, you are bound to have unhappy customers. And that’s okay. Having negative reviews can be a blessing. 

“We don’t live in a five-star world”

-Matt McGee

You might have considered a strategy to power your services with five-star ratings and great reviews. Similarly, you must be looking forward to avoiding the negative ones. 

If you are trying to avoid negative reviews altogether, your approach might not be that good for your business. Believe me or not, earning high-rated reviews is not only the key to your success. Negative reviews can also help you in many ways which you might not have thought about.

Let us be more precise and discuss the importance of negative reviews for your e-commerce store.

6 Reasons Why your E-commerce store need negative reviews


Why Are Negative Reviews So Important?

Running an e-commerce business is hard. When you pour your heart and soul into your Shopify store, negative customer feedback can feel particularly painful.

Customer Reviews play a vital part in convincing new visitors to spend more time and leave the store with a purchase.

Store owners looking for the highest ratings they can earn. But it is required to understand the hidden treasure in negative reviews. Yes, it is a real treasure. See how it will benefit your business and will improve your conversions.

6 Reasons Why your E-commerce store need negative reviews

1. Negative Reviews Help Customer To Estimate The Risk

The customer often calculates their own risk by comparing the experience of other products and online stores with your store. It allows the customer to assume what can turn out badly with their purchase.

It allows them to understand the most unfavorable situation they can face and also let them know how you will accommodate them. Your responses provide shoppers an idea of how they will be dealt in with such a situation. It encourages them to make a purchase.

Also if a negative review stops someone from making a purchase, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You might lose a sale, but you won’t gain an angry customer.

Bad reviews do an excellent job at excluding people who have the potential to turn into unsatisfied buyers. And angry customers are a problem. Not only could they lead to yet more bad reviews, but angry customers also give “anti-referrals” to their friends. That’s not even taking into account how many people will see that anti-referral if they post about how unhappy they are on social media.

2. Negative Reviews Build Credibility That Lead To Conversion

Having some negative reviews no doubt decreases the product average star rating, but it is observed that it results in higher conversion rates. It influences purchase behavior as human psychology does not accept a thing with completely perfect aspects.

In fact, customers seem not to trust the five-star rating. 68% of people trust reviews more when they see both good and bad ratings. As John McAteer, Google’s vice president of U.S. sales, retail, and technology once said, “No one trusts all positive reviews.”

Many studies have proved that customers are more likely to make a purchase when the review rating lies between 4.2 and 4.5. Consider the following review with a three-star rating.

These reviews help buyers understand that it might take time with the delivery, but they will definitely receive their product and the company is not a scam.

3. Negative Reviews Or Mixed Reviews Are Better Than No Reviews

Social proof is a more powerful sales tool than you think. Literally, any amount of social proof. Customers want to see that someone or anyone has bought a product before them.

Find out more at 7 Successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing

A massive 92% of people will hesitate to buy a product from you if you have no reviews. (And, sadly, the 32% who will leave your site to do more research probably aren’t coming back.)

And even if some of your reviews are bad, they’re not necessarily an instant deal-breaker. Fewer than 1% of people leave a site when they see a product with a bad review.

A study from the Psychological Science journal found people naturally prefer a product with more reviews over one with fewer reviews—even if the one with fewer reviews is clearly a better product.

6 Reasons Why your E-commerce store need negative reviews

4. Customer Often Seek Out Negative Reviews

82% of customers go for checking the negative reviews after they know the star rating of your store. If they do not find any negative reviews, they are more convinced to leave your site due to unauthentic perception. It is thereby vital to keep some negative reviews on the site as well.

6 Reasons Why your E-commerce store need negative reviews

5. Negative Reviews Gain More Value

It is clear that there are more positive reviews available on the internet as compared to negative ones, resulting in a scarcity of non-perfect comments. It makes them stand out amongst all reviews. Customer values such remarks more than the positive ones as they address their concerns better and with authenticity. Replying to such reviews along with your marketing message can benefit your store as it is seen more by the visitors.

6. Show Off Your Excellent Customer Service And Improve Products’ Quality

When you get negative reviews, you have the opportunity to respond to them. When you respond in a positive manner and help to solve the customer’s problem, you are showing future shoppers that you have great customer service. You should be responding to every review.

Negative reviews let you know what your customers think of your provided services and your offered products. Taking their comments as a positive intent and assuming it as advice, motivates you to improve your quality. More negative reviews mean more chances to improve.

How To Handle With Negative Reviews?

The above discussion might have changed your views about the negative reviews. But the thing is that how you need to deal with such reviews? Shall you leave them with a response? When responding to them and how to?

Look at some tips below that will helps react and deal wisely with unwanted negative reviews from customers.

1. Respond Quickly

Whenever you face a negative experience with reviews, respond to them quickly. A customer always expects an answer when they are highlighting an issue with their writing. Over 40% of them need a response in 60 minutes. 

A key here is to monitor your reviews and to set up notifications that alert you to negative reviews so that you can address this fast.

6 Reasons Why your E-commerce store need negative reviews

2. Do Not Panic 

It is human nature that we got frustrated by negative statements about us or our products. Don’t be too hard on yourself for getting a negative review every once in a while. You can’t please everybody, and not everyone is going to love every aspect of their experience with your business.

But, being a professional, you need to absorb such comments and think for the betterment of your product and service. Treat each negative review as an opportunity for growth and understanding your customers better. 

And most importantly: do not take negativity personally. Negative reviews hurt, no doubt about it. But it’s important to realize one simple truth: it happens to everyone.

3. Publicize negative reviews

You shouldn’t hide negative reviews. Showing negative reviews makes people trust your positive reviews even more. Show that you care about the issue and have addressed it with a clear, transparent, public response. Customers will always notice how you react to mistakes and problems. From there, they will decide whether to continue to trust that brand or not.

4. Look for the root cause

If negative reviews are a norm rather than an exception, more drastic measures might be needed.  If there is an actual issue with your product or service, acknowledge the problem and then seriously consider going the extra mile in making things right. If your product is the problem, see if you can switch suppliers. If delivery times are too long, see if you can improve this or communicate to customers very clearly when they can expect the delivery before the purchase. Figure out what pisses off your customers and fix it ASAP.

5. Request your customer to update the review

After reaching a resolution, don’t forget to ask your customer to update their review to reflect the new status of the situation. That way, your store visitors will see that even though there was an issue, it was promptly taken care of and the customer is now satisfied.

6. Manage negative reviews with Product Reviews Autoketing

Remember, a few bad reviews are good, but you want to stay in that 4.0 to 4.7 star range and no matter how well you handle your e-commerce business, it’s inevitable that someone sometimes will be unhappy with your store, your product, or your customer service.

To keep everything balance, it’s ok to keep private the negative reviews that do not have any constructive criticism sometimes.

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6 Reasons Why your E-commerce store need negative reviews

In Conclusion

Getting negative reviews isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it can be a learning experience for developers. Always look at the negative comments so you can know if there is something you can do to further improve your products. Who knows? Maybe a bad review can get you 10 great reviews right after improving your products thanks to that bad review.

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