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Ecommerce Content Marketing: 5 Best Blogging Practices for Ecommerce Stores

history April 16, 2020

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Blogging is increasingly relevant across a large variety of industries like Shopify. As the owner of a retail business, you should understand the value of marketing. You need to develop your eCommerce presence online, create in-store displays that catch attention and establish a following on social media, as well as for email marketing. However, do you know best blogging practices work the best for your store?

A blog lets you bring out daily content that adds value to your clients instead of selling, selling and selling. Through compelling storytelling you can create a bit of buzz around your company and goods, encouraging action in a less direct way.

Not only can a blog place you inside your niche as an expert but it will also draw free search engine traffic. And once you’ve built up a following, the sales continue to roll in.

For beginners, a blog on your e-commerce site can regularly provide you with a forum to share information and news about your company. You will offer coupons, deals and reveal new items or events.

But how to develop your eCommerce business using blogging? Okay, in this article, Autoketing will bring out some suggestions you can use for your firm immediately!

Pick a killer blog topic

A major challenge to starting a blog is to make sure you can create enough content to keep it running. That is, you’ll need to pursue it once you decide to print. But particularly when you look at the big picture, this can sound complicated. The job of constantly creating new material can be challenging.

There is no need to worry much about, particularly if you prepare ahead, this is not so. Brainstorm a list of safe topics and write posts on the first subject before you press publish. A backlog will make the schedule easier to keep up with. Having that in mind, you don’t have to write something new every day. It’s fine, once or twice a week.

There are two ways to select a subject:

  1. Select a subject for virality:

Highlight a commodity, individually. Talk about how it is made, how it functions, or offer an interesting fact of taking it.

Advertisements for sale or news for business.

  1. Choose a topic for SEO

Your views on an business issue were taken out of the headlines.

A customer request answer.

Be organized

Seek to publish at a certain date, a certain number of blog posts a week. Having a regular schedule will give you customer loyalty and will make it easier for your audience to expect new content from you.

Writing the occasional post about hot topics or current events is also recommended, so that your blog is in step with the industry. You can then become a bridge between the online and even the real world.

Promote your blog

There are a lot of free promotional techniques for content:

Social media

Email outreach

Site Marketing


Building a relationship with your customers

Take advantage of relationship marketing to create a long-term relationship with its customers is becoming commonplace for companies and businesses.

A blog is both a great forum and a medium for marketing partnerships since it can be used to post valuable information, news articles or even trends relevant to your field or research. You can also use social media marketing to define your ideal customer, then build blog posts customized to match your ideal audience.

All of these will help create consumer loyalty because your readers know they can rely on your website to provide valuable and up-to-date information that they will then share with their friends and family. This would lead to more buyers then, and more profits, of course.

Connect blog to your eCommerce platforms

Shopify, one of the top eCommerce sites on the market, come with amazing blogging features that you can easily incorporate into your eCommerce website.

Online store Shopify comes standard with a blogging app. It’s a great tool for running your blog through a custom dashboard. The default blog on Shopify is named News, which you can keep with a custom name or rename to. You can add it from your admin tab if you need a new article.


Blogging is an evolving process and you should always keep your target audience in mind and write blog posts that are unique to the industry. Results will not appear instantly, but keeping your schedule consistent will help your readers appreciate your effort.

Write the material which you would love to read as a general rule. Remember that your readers owe you their time — something they can’t get back — so do them a favor and make it worth it.

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