You have a job and work 8 hours each day. However, you desire to get more money and increase your income. How can you make extra money without quitting your current job? The answer to this question is selling online. E-commerce creates a new era for shop owners. You just need a smartphone and a laptop to run your store. Opening an online store in platforms like Shopify is easy now. You can do two jobs at the same time. Both doing the current job and selling online is possible. We give you some ideas to you start your business and choose products which fit your lifestyle may be.

1. Design and sell your own clothing line

If you are brilliant at designing clothes and have the passion for the apparel industry, you can give it a try and open an online store. You draw design drafts yourself and let your imagination fly high. If you have more free time, you can produce clothes. Otherwise, you can cooperate with apparel printers and clothing manufacturers. They will turn designs into real products. Then you can sell the products on your online store.

2. Sale unique products you make

It’s a good idea to sell things you have made by your hands. Your store sells products which other stores don’t have because you are the manufacturer. You can create handicraft commodities or pieces of interior furniture. You paint pictures or create carpentry. They are made by your creativity and skillfulness. They are unique and contain particular features. You even make pieces of music like songs and beats. You ensure that customers can download them online.

3. Work as a freelancer

You can become a freelancer in some fields like writing, graphics design, and web development. You can open an online shop and show your products to attract clients. If clients recognize your talent, they can hire you to work on a project. You can work during the day and work as a freelancer at night time. You write pieces of writing, produce software, or design architect papers.

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