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Why E-Commerce Businesses Need A Blog

history July 18, 2018

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If you want traffic to your site, blogging can be the smart choice. It can help generate traffic for your site. A research said that thanks to the blog, you can increase the number of visitors by 50%  and have more leads per month. This is an ideal number that can bring in a lot of extra revenue.

If you have an online store in Shopify, you should have your own blog website to boost your revenue. Blogging is also a helpful way to attract audiences and generate more traffic and sales for your business.

One of the best strategies is to publish often. It is good if you publish around 3-4 new articles each week. However, if you don’t have much time, you can come up with at least one article a week.

Many businesses approach their audience by having their blogs first and then they decide to have their own stores. Having a great number of visitors help them build a more powerful and relevant e-commerce site.

The content should be the personal experiences/opinions. Then, your customers can know you/your business. Besides, you can give the products you recommend or tips from your niche. Sometimes you can hold a contest to attract more audience.

On the other hand, the blog can be used to improve SEO because the blog posts drive traffic to your site. It increases the chances of engagement of consumers. Besides, blogging also helps you rank higher in search engines. Blogging means more pages for your sites, so the internal links pointing to your homepage are also higher.

The internal links are good for SEO and the links from other sites are much better. When your posts are shared social media and they get linked to on other sites. Thus, your page rankings really improve.

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