Drive Crazy Sales with Thank You Email

One of the best ways to develop closer relationships with your clients is to show genuine gratitude. A Thank you Email is critical for keeping a long-term engagement with customers and also your brand loyalty. Most of them remain largely underrated since many companies fail to take advantage of this email marketing strategy.

It is needed that eCommerce businesses should find their opportunities to leap out against entrenched rivals by running email marketing campaigns.

A Thank you Email is not only helping retailers/wholesalers to write a thoughtful, personal email but they can use them as a remarketing opportunity to bring their customers back and purchase their products to boost repeatable sales, as well as promote certain goods. 

Why Thank you Email is necessary to Online Marketing? 

Well, I have to say it’s not about politeness but also a way of showing off your expertise and aptitude. In fact, there’s more incentive to say thank you in your after-sales email meeting.

A reminder

When sending a Thank you Email, you can emphasize the advantages of choosing your company’s product or service, which might be an attempt to sign a profitable business contract. 

Improve Sale

Through the email, you may decide to offer them more beneficial conditions such as a coupon or a discount to encourage your clients to purchase more. A thank you letter is a good chance for those things.

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Tips to run a successful email marketing campaign effectively

Tip 1# Say thank you sincerely

There are tons of email within a day, your customers might feel confused and consider your email is spam or something. Though as obvious it may seem, you should note that because order follow-up emails enjoy a great engagement level, you should make sure the customer recognizes them as such immediately.

Top-performing best eCommerce email automation uses short and simple subject lines, creating moments of delight post-purchase. The tips recommended is to be intimate, considerate, and sincere. Customers prefer genuine thanks but despise insincerity.

Tip 2# Recommend appropriate products

Write a Thank you email to get your clients to think about their products added to their cart. Suggest them a few appropriate goods referring to their previous purchase that you think they might prefer and be able to afford. This not only does wonders for running your Thank you Email campaign but also good for your upselling strategy to increase your business’s profits. A survey from Bloomberg claims that Shopify sales came from cross-selling or upselling. From that, this recommendation strategy has brought a goldmine in eCommerce brands’ revenue. 

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Offer coupon

When the email has been opened by the recipients, you can take the opportunity to bring them back to your store. Of course one of the most effective strategies is to entice them with discounts or a coupon on the next purchase for clients to encourage additional purchases. 

Coupons serve great benefits for both parties. Firstly, studies show that offers, promotions, and discounts affect over half of online shoppers. Second, it gives a feeling of urgency. Customers are urged to buy a voucher until the coupon expires.

Coupons can make more than triple conversion rates or purchase rates. The more suitable the discount rate is, the more effective the campaign is. Make sure to set an expiration date for the coupon depending on each marketing campaign. The idea expiration periods are within 30 days or 10 days, or sometimes you can take advantage of a flash sale (within 24 hours) to urge your clients.

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Tip 3# Feedback requires

After purchase, it is necessary to ask for feedback to ensure that whether your clients were satisfied with the products or not, and if the fulfillment was coming to their expectations and even more. From that, clients consider that your business does care about their experience, and particularly if anything went wrong, the fact that you told them about it and then took steps to fix their problem would gain more points and keep them feel safe.

Requiring feedback also drives marketing solutions to allow clients to answer some of your questions based on the purchase date. A business owner can set up a segment of clients who have bought his product and ask for feedback on the delivery of large packages.

After building trust with them, you can ask them for spreading your brand since people always have a tendency of trusting those who they are familiar with more than those of a brand singing their own praises. 

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