Don’t Miss Black Friday To Boost Sales And Build Brand (Part 2)

Continue to read true stories about online shop owners who achieve great results on Black Friday. Though you sell on Shopify or other e-commerce platforms, you must always learn from other businesses. Figure out the tips from achievers!

Collect customers and catch their attention

The owner of Huskybeard, Paul Lee researched competitors so long and found out their good points. He realized that he must come up with new creative ideas to compete with big competitors.  He used Facebook ads to get traffic to his site. Nonetheless, the Facebook ads on Black Friday are expensive and competitive.

So how did he deal with this problem? Paul prepared early, as a result, he could spend more of his time and money focusing on building up an audience before the prices of advertising increase over the weekend. He said, “I spent roughly 80% of my marketing budget on collecting emails and Facebook custom audiences.” Live chat on Facebook will assist you to interact with customers and bring you closer to them.

He created a giveaway mini event presenting customers his most popular beard care products. To get the gifts, customers must use extra entries. To have extra entries, they had to read and comment on his blog posts, follow the brand on the social networks or recommend friends.


He marketed his products through Facebook ads, his social media channels, and across Reddit. He also went to other online communities where beard lovers would hang out to introduce his items to members. He spent $5000 on the giveaway event, The result is more than 7000 leads.

Focusing on your plan

Let’s see what Jacky and Albert did to market their brand for the coming Black Friday. They used the email marketing plan. They made a sequence of emails and ads that were sent automatically to potential customers over the BFCM weekend. Emails are simple, and they offered up to 30% sale-off for orders including their new hot products.

Use email with love by automating to send thank-you emails to customers after they buy your products.

Both Paul and Zoe used emails so that their discount campaigns were known by more buyers. About sending mail schedule of Paul, he sent emails notifying customers about a coming event. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he followed it up with more emails, building hype for the sales. On Thursday night he let loose.

He launched a pre-Black Friday sale, hoping to reach his customers before they received offers from other competitors. He sent out the offer to his entire mailing list and ran Facebook ads to the people he already “warmed” with the giveaway, who were now familiar with his brand. He sent out the first emails on Thursday night and got $700 in a few hours later.


Read more: Don’t Miss Black Friday To Boost Sales And Build Brand (Part 2)

Starting at the right time

We talk about Zoe’s shop. She also used an email marketing plan. She chose to send her emails at midnight because customers have a full 24 hours to buy. Emails include her discount offers. She began the Facebook advertising campaign and market discount offers. She offered free shipping on orders a certain dollar amount. This stimulated buyers to add more items to cart to get free shipping.

Shopify merchants should use product discount app to produce sale-off offers and attract customers to buy more and more.

After you run marketing campaigns for BFCM, you observe what is happening. If you get many sales, you just sell products as usual. If you have few orders or nothing, you have to change your strategies. Depending on the current results, you tailor your plan to tackle problems.

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