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  • Diversify Checkout Currency To Expand Shopify Store to Multiple Countries

Diversify Checkout Currency To Expand Shopify Store to Multiple Countries

history July 11, 2018

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E-commerce is a leading trend in the world economy. Nowadays, people tend to go shopping online. Customers not only go to the stores to buy products directly but also surf the internet to find and choose favorite items. They just need to sit in the house and click to buy any products. The number of online customers has been increasing gradually. This is an extremely potential business field.

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the globe. Hundred thousands of people have opened stores on Shopify for the past few years. Competitiveness is very fierce. So the question is how to make your store approach more buyers, especially from other countries. Currency Converter Box online is an app helping you exchange prices into all currencies in the world.

Below we will show you one of the ways to access customers from other nations.

There are some methods including checkout in local currency, expanding regions to sell, using advertisements, local shipping, etc. We say about checkout in local currency now.

You can use applications to help visitors see price in their currency when they visit your online store. Autoketing has developed a currency app named Currency Converter. It will exchange the price to any currencies. You show many currencies, but you can only accept payments in one currency which is the shop’s main currency.

For example, if a British man wants to items in your American shop, he has to pay in US dollar. You can make sure about that sale if you offer a local currency option. That means you allow him to pay in Pound.

Many buyers at old age don’t want to pay in the different currency. They will be satisfied if they can check out in their currency. It’s inconvenient for various people to make payments in other currencies. A lot of customers feel uncomfortable when paying in that way. If you provide a service of payment in customers’ currencies, you can increase your sale. This is a good way to improve the shopping experience.

In conclusion, in case you are a Shopify merchant, you can consider this way to attract customers. You support them so that they may pay in their currency.

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