Customers Will Be Back With Email Campaigns

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It’s important to attract customers on Shopify. Keeping customers coming back is essential as same as appealing them. So how can you persuade them to buy again? The automated email campaign is an effective marketing method. Businesses should spend more on this type of marketing tool. One study refers that “84% of marketers believe email is important or critically important for customer loyalty.” Email with love is an app which sends thank-you letters to customers.

Discover some kinds of email campaign which help merchants increase the number of repeat purchases.

Abandoned cart email series

A high percentage of carts is abandoned. Lots of money cannot pour into your pocket. How do businessmen solve this problem? You must recover the amount of revenue you lose. Marketing team creates a cart abandonment strategy and automated cart abandonment email series.

Set up an abandoned cart email series

There is no standard form for all situations. However, you can use this structure and order. You send the first email after 24 hours, the second email after 48 hours, and the third email after 72 hours. You analyze each case to choose suitable content and when to send emails. Email with love free app doesn’t attract shoppers buy items but thanks them after they finish purchases.

The first email is to remind visitors of what they abandoned.

Many stores send customers coupon codes or discount as soon as a customer abandons a cart. Some customers just refuse carts to receive discounts or promotions. If you offer discounts immediately, you can lose money unreasonably. Instead, you send them the first email to remind that they haven’t still bought some items in the cart yet. Send the picture of products, small benefits, and a link to check out. Create beautiful emails if you can.

The second email will deal with the refusal

With this email, you find the reason why customers don’t buy your products. You prove that your products are useful and worth purchasing. For example, Whisky Loot lists benefits of products and put FQAs so that customers raise their questions right now.

The third email offers discounts or incentive

If after you send two emails, customers still don’t buy products, you should give them discounts or incentive to attract customers. They can consider buying your products because of the discounts.

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