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  • Customer Satisfaction: Why Customer Service is Essential?

Customer Satisfaction: Why Customer Service is Essential?

history May 5, 2020

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The importance of customer satisfaction has been more significant than ever before. Customer satisfaction turns out to be a key success for all kinds of businesses, especially online retailers on Shopify. Happy customers bring more revenue, more growth, and more sustainability. In order to make your customers more loyal and eventually turn them into brand ambassadors, it is vital to monitor the factor and work to improve it. 

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a measure used to calculate a customer’s degree of satisfaction with a product, service, or experience through shopping. Typically, this measure is calculated by deploying a customer satisfaction survey that asks, on a five- or seven-point scale, how a consumer feels about a service, purchase, or overall customer experience, with responses to choose from between “highly unsatisfied” and “highly satisfied.”

If you take no care for customers, they are not willing to care about your products. Client support is essential for customer retention to provide outstanding, and unforgettable, service to your store. Your customers will not return without exceptional service, even good or mediocre service does not keep the clients either. And the poor customer service would tear your customers away.


As an online business owner, make sure your store focuses on understanding and enhancing “Good customer service” and how your store’s customer service is. With that understanding in the palm hands, you can create and retain excellent customer service, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Essential?

CSAT increases the chances of customer repurchase and loyalty 

Customer satisfaction is a key factor in the possibility that they will go into your store and find other products in the future. Create a poll to inquire about customer satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10 is the best way to calculate whether they feel about your products as well as service.

A rating of 7 and above is considered to come up with their expectations, and they are likely to come back and keep purchasing the next time. And those giving your retail a rating of 9 or 10 are probably potential customers.

Rate of 6 and below is a warning sign that a client is unsatisfied and likely to leave. These customers need to be placed on and followed up on a customer watch list, so you can assess why their satisfaction is poor is also a good way. 

Of all these reasons, customer satisfaction is one of the leading metrics companies used to assess consumer repurchase and customer loyalty.

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CSAT increases your revenue

Any strategic decision is determined by sales. A business calculating success or loss in minus money out, dependent on revenue. Profitability is supreme, whatever happens on day one or day 100.

The number one reason why customer service is important is that it contributes to revenue. While the one-to-one link between customer service and revenue is more difficult to display, customer experience analytics provide the foundation. To see the link, select a few customer-related metrics to calculate, and track revenues in parallel.

CSAT enhances a better reputation.

A good reputation results in higher growth in revenue and AOV. Reputation goes a long way in an organization. It attracts clients, investors, alliances, and employees. Start with outstanding customer service when trying to enhance credibility.

Viral social media campaigns and paid advertisements have their place but nothing beats the book’s oldest trick. Good customer support leads to pleased consumers talking to potential customers about the product or service.

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CSAT drives retailer’s methodology

Customer satisfaction provides more than pure customer service measures. It optimizes other departments’ efficiency by giving them valuable insights into customers. This knowledge is used to enhance customer service, leading to cyclical customer satisfaction increase. 

Teams in charge of marketing, distribution, and product development use CSAT to direct their work and communicate with clients. Businesses with outstanding customer service can quickly attract consumers and connect with them as they have shown that they can have a great brand experience. 

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CSAT helps businesses upgrade their products 

Negative customer reviews serve as warnings to let businesses know whether a product or service has any issues to solve. Product development teams track CSAT to identify these issues and address them quickly.

This is especially relevant for online businesses that upgrade their software regularly. By keeping a close eye on CSAT, development teams can fix expensive roadblocks of the product that can cause churn.

How to Improve customer satisfaction? 

Treat every customer as well as possible 

Offer each customer the same excellent care you wish to receive. It’s pretty easy! A few of the following methods that can be used: 

Give a sincere thank your customers both in-person and printed on the receipt whenever they make a purchase.

Make a sincere effort to support and assist your customers in any way you can.

Keep your promises, and be honest. When you say you’re going to email them and let them know when an item is back in stock-make sure you’re doing that!

Inquire customer satisfaction as much as possible 

Through assessing customer satisfaction periodically, you can popular the number of unsatisfied clients and avoid business churning. Therefore, as a business owner, you can take control of unhappy and unsatisfied customers to improve your products or services to adapt to them the other time. 

An application can help you a hand, here we suggest Facebook Chat Box, which connects to your customers and takes care of them anytime. 

Keep an eye on their point of view

Seek to always place yourself in the context of your customer (for example, if they need a product delivered at a certain time (and you can’t make that deadline) then seek to offer alternatives to satisfy their requirements).

Listen to their opinion. Build a strong and stable customer service management system by listening consistently to your customers.


It can be undeniable that customer service is directly related to customer satisfaction. If your customer is unsatisfied, you have not delivered good sufficient services. In reality, evaluating customer service over the last decade means you need to really please customers, not just satisfy them.

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