A new study finds that customer feedback makes the huge contribution to the development of a business. If you have an online store on Shopify or other platforms, you need to care about your client’s complains to promote your strengths and fix the weaknesses.

It is said that both positive and negative customer feedback can benefit both customers and brand in the long run. If the brand is flexible to improve customer experiences, it can attract more clients and develop the business.

The actionable intelligence solutions firm Verint Systems Inc gives a research that businesses don’t gain anything from customers’ withholding of complaints. Thus, there is a fact that, the more positive and negative feedback customers share, the more companies gain.

Thanks to the feedback, companies can know their strength and weakness, then make the suitable tactics and changes to give clients the best experiences.

Besides, to solve customer bad issue, brands can compensate them by offering the monetary rewards such as discounts on future purchases in exchange for their feedback. Thanks to this, customers can gain an increased level of satisfaction in knowing their concerns are being noticed.

The business ends up benefiting the most from this feedback in the end.

Customer satisfaction breeds true loyalty. The truly satisfied customers whose needs are met and expectations are exceeded cannot imagine using another product or service.

It is said that there are four different types of consumers, three of which businesses must try to get to speak up more:

Brand champions

These consumers sing a brand’s praises, be most likely to get rewarded in return, and remain loyal over a long period of time.

Silent likers

These are clients who may be happy and loyal. However, they are the least likely to talk about their experiences and engage with brands.

Fence sitters

They are clients who appear to be ambivalent about the service they receive. In addition, they don’t engage with brands or share their experiences.


These audiences will constantly be on the hunt for a better deal. Besides, they won’t hesitate to leave if they are dissatisfied with services.

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