The customer feedback is very important for businesses. It lets the brand know its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, business owners can make a suitable plan to change their policy and activities to give the clients the best experiences. If you are running an online store on Shopify, don’t ignore customer complains because they can promote your brand.

In part 1, you knew how complaints affect your business and 4 different types of customers and you will learn how to turn the complaints to the benefits for brands.

According to Capuano, business owners should strive to turn each consumer segment into brand champions. He also said that these champions are not always rewarded financially. However, because of the experiences they have with a solution, they are willing to pay more for it.

Capuano gives an example that Apple is a company that does a good job of converting customers into brand champions.

The users often talk to their friends and family about their experiences integrating content across multiple devices. For Apple, it keeps the customers satisfied and acting as brand champions by maintaining a consistent experience.

By encouraging customers to become more engaged, researchers believe the study shows an opportunity for brands to establish longer-term loyalty with more customers.

Businesses make consumers understand that their organization is willing to reward them for speaking out in order to help inform and improve the customer experience. However, the clients need to take more responsibility for sharing their feedback.

Consumers can become brand champions by giving direct feedback to the organizations with which they do business whether it is the positive or negative experiences.

Service is a two-way street. It demonstrates to consumers that companies are willing to reward people who speak out in order to help improve service, loyalty, and performance.

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