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  • Why Is Currency Converter Box Indispensable For Business On Shopify?

Why Is Currency Converter Box Indispensable For Business On Shopify?

history September 7, 2018

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In the era of technology, selling online is becoming more and more popular so everyone who has the great idea can start a business. There are many e-commerce platforms which can help enterprises build a brand even if they know much about technology or not. Shopify platform is also the good choice for startups.

It seems to be the perfect e-commerce platform because it can help business owners with designing their own selling channel, customing the domain name, giving the best looking theme and even provides a large app store.

Shopify is now a common e-commerce platform which is trusted by thousands of shop owners around the world. They are selling their products on this platform. The number of consumers visiting and purchasing items from Shopify is also huge. Businesses sell their products to not only domestic customers but also the foreign customers.

However, there is a barrier which rises up preventing overseas buyers from purchasing. It is the currency conversion problem because each country has its own currency unit. When they are selecting their favorite items, they have to open another tab for another website to see the price of the product in their currency. That’s very inconvenient for them and they are likely not to come back to your store.

We know this issue, so the Currency Converter Box comes out to help business. The app can solve this problem. This is an outstanding and convenient app which can be integrated with the selling channel to help the users see the product price in the currency of their country. It also creates a better customer experience.

It can always convert the price to plenty of currencies, so clients can know the exact prices and then make a purchase.

Furthermore, to improve customer services, don’t forget to support them whenever they need by answering their questions in time. The facebook chat messenger will help you.

Besides, remember to show your courtesy by sending them the thanks for their purchase with the email with love.

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