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How To Create Eye-Catching Promotions To Attract Viewers?

history June 27, 2018

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Eye-catching advertisements will attract more viewers, so it is easier for your online store as well as your products to access customers. When creating promotions, enterprises should focus on attractive appearance and concise content. Therefore, you can increase traffics for your store in Shopify platform and sell more.

Jef I Richards said that “Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”

Following these tactics to create advertisements which people want to look at.

1. Creating Promotions that prominent.

Colors are always great to use to catch attention. You are absolutely attracted by the bright colors stick out from a dull background. For example, you will pay more attention to a red platform than a grey platform on a black background.

Thus, you should keep your advertisements bright, clean and true to your brand of the online store. For instance, if you possess a homey and country styled shop, you should not use the crazy neon colors to advertise your earth-toned coffee mugs. If you use the different style, your readers can feel jarring and confusing. Instead, you should choose the pictures of your products that you want to use and match colors from there.

2. Use your space wisely.

To attract more customers, enterprises should take clear and nice pictures that showcase your product to its best form and put them strategically in your space. The first thing the customer notices is a picture or the title, so make them impressive and clients want to read more.

3. Words.

Words in your advertisement should be short and sweet, and detail everything your customer is looking for. One of the keys to attracts clients is the catchy title which can make the customer curious.

Besides, the title should contain the information about discounts or coupons you are offering, testimonials or reviews from previous customers, and any new items in your online store.

Keep an eye on trends and upcoming events to stay relevant and fresh. Your promotion can reflect both your brand and the trend for increased attention depending on what your product is. Therefore, you can increase sales.

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