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  • How To Create An Effective Call To Action On Your Website 

How To Create An Effective Call To Action On Your Website 

history June 12, 2021

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Your call to action (CTA) is the most essential part of your marketing campaign. It’s also the difference between losing a potential customer and making a sale. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to create persuasive calls to action. We’ll do this by going over:

  • What is a call to action
  • Common types of CTAs
  • Tips for writing the effective call to action. 

Let’s drive in to see how to create an effective call to action on your website.

What is Call To Action? 

A call to action (CTA) is a word, phrase, or sentence that urges the reader to take a specific action. CTAs are usually placed in the form of a button in a noticeable spot on your webpage:

With the right call to action, you can persuade people who visit your site or read your content to do something specific, such as:

  • Make a purchase
  • Grab a download
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Read the rest of an article
  • Share a piece of content on social media
  • And, any other action you want to ask readers to take.

But it’s important to remember that not all calls to action are created the same. Some are strong, powerful, and persuasive.

Others are weak, boring, and uninviting.

We’ll get into how to create an effective call to action for your website and content later. Before that, let’s check out these common types of CTAs and where you can use them.

How to Create an Effective Call To Action on Your Website

Common types of Call To Action

Whenever you create a piece of content, you likely want to insert a call to action. This is true for blog posts, YouTube videos, social media posts, podcast episodes, and more.

But here are 5 of the most common places you’ll see Call To Action online:

  • Web page buttons
  • Campaign buttons
  • Anchor texts in blog posts
  • Buttons or text in emails
  • Text in social media posts

Now that we’ve seen the types of CTAs you can build, let’s look at how to make them. Here in this guide, we would like to deep dive into 6 must-do tips to persuade your customers with killing CTAs.

How to an effective Call To Action

1. Keep it short and simple 

When it comes to CTAs, less is more. The wording of your call to action should be straight, simple, and self-explanatory so customers easily understand what will happen when they click the link. Your CTA should be not too long and not too short. It should provide the necessary information to avoid overwhelming the customer. Also, for better conversion, it should contain a sense of urgency and the words of a specific offer.

2. Be generous, give your customers some incentives 

Incentives such as coupon codes can be a great call to action to encourage customer’s decision to buy. For example, you’re shopping online and at the check-out step, you realize you left your credit card in the kitchen, and it’s pretty late at night so you intend to leave it by tomorrow. Now, if you had a 30% coupon code, would you be more motivated to get up and get your card? The chance of completing your purchase is surely higher. So, why not add this to your online store too and increase your conversion rate? 

Many online stores use discount codes to increase both conversion rates and social follows. For example, with the Sales Pop Master app, when customers check out, a beautiful popup offers discounts, best deals… This is a great incentive for customers to follow the CTA “Share on Facebook” or “Share on Twitter”. 

How to Create an Effective Call To Action on Your Website

3. Use action words 

The CTA words and action verbs are useful for motivation and persuasion when the aim is to get users involved. They also help to direct the customers by telling them what to do and the benefits of doing so. For instance, “Try for free our 3-day trial” seems to be better engaging than just “See our trial”.

It is extremely important to use verbs, not nouns, such as “buy”, “add to cart”, etc. You should only use words that customers are familiar with to avoid confusion. Also, don’t be afraid that your verbs are too strong, it is okay to give your customers commands sometimes.

Here are some of the action words that you can use for CTA: 

How to Create an Effective Call To Action on Your Website

4. Pay attention to the visual appearance 

The key to an effective CTA is that, while still keeping it simple, make it look extra attractive to customers. Check this list to see if you’re doing it right: 

  • Format: Bold fonts and thick outlines should be used to highlight your CTA button. 
  • Color: Don’t use too flamboyant colors, it is ideal to make your call to action button the same color as your logo for consistency. 

Surveys show that a simple change in Add to cart color, from blue to neon green can bring up to a 35.81% increase in conversion rate, which proves how important an effective CTA is to your business. 

  • Size: Customers should see your call to action right away, so make it the biggest link to click. 
  • On some special occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, you spice it up a little bit and add a holiday theme to your call to action button to make it more attractive. 

Most marketers agree that you should:

  • Use white space effectively, so your button stands out
  • Ensure that your CTA button contrasts with the colors on the rest of the page
  • Frame the button to create contrast, if necessary
  • Pay attention to the size of the button because it has to be large enough to click but not overwhelming How to Create an Effective Call To Action on Your Website

5. Place it in the right position 

Call to action won’t be call to action if customers cannot see it – place it where it is more likely to be noticed. There are a few popular ways you can put your CTA button: 

  • Top-to-bottom order: position your “Add to bag” button at the end of the product page, just below the price simply because after seeing the price customers might want to buy the product. 
  • Left-to-right order: you can place your CTA on the right side as customers also scan from left to right. Also, try to put it “above the fold”, which means at the first scroll of your page, you want it to be seen immediately. 

6. Create urgency 

A sense of shortage or limited opportunity can motivate customers a lot and can range from end-of-season sales to a limited amount of stock. Customers are more inclined to buy the product if they are in fear of missing out on an opportunity. 

In Conclusion 

There can be many things that make a great call to action but remember: your goal is to encourage actions from customers. Also, you know your online store best at the end of the day, so test different versions and choose the best one. 

What is your favorite tip? Do you have any special techniques you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share these great tips with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, sharing is caring!

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