Covid-19 and Ecommerce Stores: How to Keep Your Customers?

Many organizations, businesses, and global leaders in the world are taking increasingly steps to curb and lower the curve the strain of Coronavirus, whether eCommerce stores are likely to fast become a potential victim of this coronavirus assault or not? For an estimated billion people are socializing distance at home, working remotely or just watching streaming shows all day. eCommerce stores should take into account the impact of Covid-19 and its significant effect on brands and industry. 

The rules of building successful eCommerce stores keeping customers’ feet have suddenly changed in amid of a truly unprecedented situation. This means discovering new ways of getting involved with your customers and thinking deeply about what they need as the world shifts before our eyes.

To engage your customers means to strengthen those relationships, combining with communication tactics. So, do you know some powerful best practices emerge? It could be valuable to reassure your customers during this tough time. Here we get some straight-up advice on good principles that can help brands communicate effectively in this phase of the crisis.

Assurance your clients

Now is the time to leverage and convey the specific resources your eCommerce stores to provide the customers with guidance. Communicate a marketing strategy and give you considerable advice to customers.

For example, show your customers that you’re ready to support them. Schedule a block of time where customers can chat and ask about products and services by providing them with a hotline service. Or give some face-time to your customers. Take them around the shop, make live videos of your items and answer real-time questions. It can help establish an in-store atmosphere and build trust and satisfaction during what may feel like a period of isolation.

Trust-centered emotional language conveying the motto of Gratitude and Safety is essential during the outbreak of Covid-19. Safety-oriented phrases like “We’re here for you” are successful in motivating trust-centered language and, given recent widespread usage, sentiment, feeling, and approach are still very much on the spot in this crisis process.

Consider Thank you Email to send assurance messages to customers in the initial wave of communication.

Free Shipping or Gift Cards

Citizens are under pressure of social-distance and forced to stay at home this time. Of course, this is a wonderful opportunity for your online store to provide them with free shipping and returns, enable clients with a feeling of your products and excellent services from the comfort of their home. The shipping fees affect the attitudes of most buyers when purchasing some goods, so why don’t you take advantage of this time to boost sales and reassure your clients? 

Besides, as an online retailer, offering online gift cards for customers to buy now and use late is an as-needed basis. 

Increase the value of eCommerce stores’ program points

Show your clients that you are just as committed to them as they are to you, especially during this outbreak period. Increasing the value of your program’s reward points or make redemption choices cheaper.

For example, grant marque loyalists special incentive plan pricing. At this point, a lot of Shopify eCommerce stores are running to the bone. In a member-only system, you don’t want the whole store turned off. Think about it again and you can see an opportunity to make your customers feel special and save money, the two main things they want, and also encourage them during this crisis.

A giveback percentage fundraiser with purchase

This may not be applicable to most stores but if you are financially capable, consider offering an agency working to counter Covid-19 a percentage of any purchase. This encourages customers to support the products they love, while also supporting those who work to reduce the Coronavirus effect.

Reward clients for making a donation

Select a charity that supports people who are afflicted by the virus, then add an option to your catalog to donate as a product. If the donation is “purchase” by consumers, you will reward them with unique loyalty program benefits. You should view each donation as a gift card on the backend, or free shipping, etc as I mentioned above, it could do wonders for your eCommerce stores. This could be an amazing alternative to creating credit and ask your clients to fund.

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