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  • What Do Conventional Retailers Learn From E-Commerce?

What Do Conventional Retailers Learn From E-Commerce?

history July 19, 2018

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The big difference between e-commerce companies and conventional retailers is the ability to monitor customers’ activities. By collecting and analyzing customers’ interaction, e-commerce businesses can offer great user experience service which is suitable for buyers’ interests.

Although conventional retailers can’t apply marketing strategies of e-commerce companies, they are able to learn many valuable lessons. We will list some strategies retailers can use.

1. Build a connection with customers

Creating an email list is a popular way to connect with customers and personalize the shopping experience. Retailers may use a similar approaching way to specify customers’ address and connect with them. Retailers send documents and images to build a relationship with customers. In fact, 90% of messages are read and 90% are read in the first three minutes. You can contact customers via messages instead of waiting for a response within 24 hours.

2. Classify Customers Into Groups

To make full use of digital marketing strategies, you have to be skillful in segmenting customer list. If you send too many emails, the email campaign will become inconsistent. You divide customers into groups based on shopping behavior, then send personalized and targeted notifications. There are a few standards to classify customers.

  • Demography: You use location, age, and gender to classify customer list. If you don’t have demographic information, you can collect them through contests or gift campaigns.
  • Shopping history: Send notifications based on shopping history. For example, you know customers’ hobbies. You send notifications to customers when favorite products are imported to inventory.
  • Programs for loyal customers: You send invitations to customers to attract and keep them as royal ones.

3. Plan a program for loyal customers

All companies or stores want to have loyal customers who will place orders many times. You can build a program for loyal buyers. This program is like a gift to them. It also encourages them to buy more and more. By using a simple system of points, you can produce a program. Customers get points when they buy products. When they gain a certain amount of points, they can exchange points into coupons or items. You can encourage buyers to attend the loyal program by:

  • Offer small gifts as a basic recommendation
  • Introduce benefits of loyal customers
  • Run oversea marketing campaigns

If retailers apply these strategies, their business can develop and gain more profit. If you try to open a store in Shopify, you should install apps of Autoketing such as email with love and Shopify facebook chat app on https://autoketing.com/.

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