Content Marketing Is Becoming More Helpful And Personalized (Part 3)

Content marketing is now becoming more and more helpful and personalized that helps business owners so much in marketing their brand. If you give the suitable content marketing strategy, you can get your online Shopify store closer to the success.

User-generated content

Modern businesses begin to recognize the power of user-generated content (UGC) in marketing efforts. Earlier this year, Mashable said that people tend to trust the content created by their peers 50 percent more than content from any other media.

Besides, with fan photo-sharing, retweeting and highlighting positive customer reviews, many brands have seamlessly integrated UGC into their marketing strategies. However, others only rarely or never include UGC in their feeds.

CMO of cloud-based content creation platform Thismoment named said that in the coming years, this balance will shift to bring UGC front and center.

Kimball believes that an essential part of establishing brand credibility and developing more personal relationships with prospects, employees, customers, and partners is the user-generated content. In the future, content marketing is rather than the brand stories which are told via a mixture of existing brand content and the views of the customer that use the product or service every day. It means that it should not be about one individual or internal group, speaking for a brand.

Cross-channel storytelling

Content creation was the domain of traditional media outlets in the days before social networks. The public consumed the messages after these outlets put them out there. To attract customers, you need to give them the products which they are really interested in. Furthermore, you can show much useful information to them.

The key to achieving this is at the intersection of storytelling (as opposed to story selling) and social media.

Make influences by engaging followers with original and personal content and reaching them in the channels where they usually spend time.

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