Content Marketing Is Becoming More Helpful And Personalized (Part 2)

Content is one of the most important parts of marketing strategies. It brings your brand closer to consumers and helps you drive sales. In part 1, we showed you each of 5 upcoming trends for this critical marketing strategy for your online Shopify store and in this part, we give you 2 more trends:

The death of the corporate blog

The company blog is one of the outstanding marketing tactics. However, when the number of interactions continues to dwindle, it is no longer the case.

Each company has its own blog and there are too many contents for people to keep up with. Nowadays, people tend to pay attention to what happens on social media than Google alerts for mentions of their name. Thanks to this, you have the chance to get the deep interaction with your customers by replying to their questions.

It may still be a valuable marketing tool, especially for SEO purposes if you start blogging for a few years. If you just start out, instead of trying to build your own, you should write for an offsite audience that someone else has built.

Conversation marketing

Yu noted that the demand-driven and helpful content will soar above self-serving marketing messages. A related concept is “conversation marketing,” which is defined as help-based dialogue marketing that feels as if it’s between friends.

Tsarynny said that content marketing has a new knowledge- and conversation-based language. Now it evolves to people helping others, providing them with new insights on what is important to the individuals in the conversation. The marketers need to evolve and add value to conversation marketing by stimulating others to start brand advocate conversations.

Tsarynny showed that enterprises can provide the detailed insights by using the data analytics and gathering systems marketers. That helps retailers meet the demands of consumers and move toward these conversational marketing tactics.

Furthermore, we need to emphasize that the customer service is also an important part for enterprises to impress customers and drive sales. Support customers whenever they have questions about your products and services with facebook inbox.

Furthermore, give your thanks to customers after making a purchase with the help of email app download for marketing.

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Keep reading Part 3 to explore the rest.

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