How To Combine Shopify And Facebook On Selling Online

Nowadays, small businesses can sell products on social media easily by using Shopify Platform and Facebook. The Facebook Messenger is now added to the Shopify platform to support and directly to customers.

To make it easy for the customer to communicate with businesses at their convenience, the social media giant and e-commerce platform previously teamed up to provide customer service using facebook inbox messages. The retailers can even close sales on Messenger.

Businesses can now provide sales support in real time instead of simply telling customers about products to help them find what they are looking for.

How to sell on Facebook Messenger: Direct sales

When chatting with customers on Facebook’s messaging app, businesses with a Facebook Page can use Shopify’s Messenger sales channel to share their products and promote items.

Businesses can answer customers’ questions in real time. This is the great way to recommend and link to products, take advantage of up-selling opportunities and provide personalized customer support. The entire transaction is done right on facebook chat login when a customer decides to make a purchase.

To launch a product catalog within Messenger and begin browsing, the customer starts a conversation with the business and clicks on the “Shop Now” button. If they want to check out, they can tap on the buy button and enter their payment information because the Shopify’s checkout portal is integrated into Messenger.

Thanks to this service, customers can stay in touch after their purchase.

Shoppable Facebook Page

Business can also launch an online store right from their Facebook Page if they want to showcase their entire product catalog and sell on Facebook.

Another advantage of Shopify’s Facebook Pages integration is that retailers can create a dedicated tab on their business Page, so thus followers can easily shop right from the Facebook app because the products are synchronized on an existing Shopify-based online store.

Businesses must both be a Shopify subscriber and have a business Facebook Page to use Facebook Messenger for direct sales or create a shoppable Facebook Page.

In addition, the email with love app on is also a useful app which helps business give the thanks to their customers.

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