Tips Help Merchants Sell More On Black Friday Cyber Monday

To answer the question of selling on Black Friday Cyber Monday, we will find out other tips to prepare a good plan for the important days. Shopify merchants apply tips to create the best campaigns and manage to raise purchases. Ads and ad copy Advertisements are very important. You should make a plan to run Read More

How Do Shopify Stores Prepare For Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

There are some special occasions in a year when every shop and enterprise takes the opportunity to boost sales and raise the revenue. For both physical stores and online stores, special holidays are the chance to promote the number of purchases. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two big occasions we discuss today. E-commerce shops Read More


The Best Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses On Halloween (Part 2)

Halloween, which occurs once every year on the 31st of October, is coming. This is a happy occasion for kids and the best chance for businesses on Shopify. Besides,  the highest sales peak of the year officially starts then. If you stand still, you’re gonna lose a lot while everybody wins big sales. In part Read More


The Best Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses On Halloween (Part 1)

The Halloween is coming, it’s time for businesses on Shopify to give the best marketing ideas to boost their sales. The Halloween market is very attractive for businesses to take part because it grows in two ways. Firstly, Halloween seems to be a universal celebration and almost everybody celebrates it. Secondly, a large number of Read More

6-Ideas-For-Halloween-Campaigns-To Boost-Sales-Part-3

6 Ideas For Halloween Campaigns To Boost Sales (Part 3)

The Halloween is coming. Do you have any plan for your businesses? If you have an online store on the Shopify platform, it’s time for you to make any ideas for Halloween campaigns to boost your sales. We show you 4 ideas on part 1 and part 2 and here is the rest of Halloween Read More

6-Ideas-For-Halloween-Campaigns-To Boost-Sales-Part-1-3

6 Ideas For Halloween Campaigns To Boost Sales (Part 2)

The Halloween is coming with the chance to boost sales for businesses. If you give the suitable plan for this holiday, you can gain the best results and gain a large amount of money. It’s time for the businesses on Shopify to bring their brand closers to customers and get more sales. In part 1, Read More

6-Ideas-For-Halloween-Campaigns-To-Boost-Sales-Part 1

6 Ideas For Halloween Campaigns To Boost Sales (Part 1)

Halloween is a mere 4 weeks away. It’s time to make a plan to promote this holiday and increase your sales. There are many ideas for businesses on Shopify to improve their revenue on Halloween. According to the industry market researcher IBISWorld, Halloween retail sales reached $6 billion in 2009, up 4.2% from $5.77 billion Read More

Provide Exceptional Customer Service For Holiday Sales

The customer services are the important part of the strategies in both daily sales but also the holiday sales. If you want to increase sales on Shopify, you should provide the exceptional services. Businesses should ensure that during this high-stress time of year, they have the information they need to be responsive to customers’ varying Read More

Promote Your Brand With Social Media In Holiday Sales

Promoting your brand is always very important and necessary even for holiday sales. Social media is an effective supporter for businesses to promote the brand in Shopify. For your customers to find you and stay informed about your services and products when they are ready to buy, you can use the tools such as search Read More

Plan And Upgrade Technology For Holiday Sale Season

The festival brings good opportunities for businesses. That is a moment of sales promotion.  Thus, if you have an online store on Shopify, you should take this chance to drive your revenue. Before running promotions, business should build a detailed plan and set your seasonal goals. Enterprises have to always prepare for their business all Read More

Embrace Omnichannel Customer Experiences For Holiday Sale Season.

The holiday is one of the best occasions for businesses to drive their sales because people tend to go shopping more on the holiday. If you have an online store on Shopify, you should not ignore this opportunity. Omnichannel retailing is one of the most prominent trends impacting holiday sales. It is defined as an Read More

Cultivate Online Sales And Market To Prepare For The Holiday Sale

Holiday is one of the best time to boost sales over the year. In this occasion, people are more likely to go shopping. Thus, you should not miss this important time if you want to develop your online store on Shopify. To prepare for this time, you need to cultivate online sales. Plenty of customers Read More

The Holiday Marketing Trends To Drive Sales (Part 3)

Holiday is one of the good occasion for business to attract new customers and increase revenue. If you have an online store on Shopify, you should catch the trends to get the best results. Here are many trends for you 4. Native advertising Because native-advertising campaigns mimic the format of the platform on which they Read More

The Holiday Marketing Trends To Drive Sales (Part 2)

Holiday is one of the best time for business to boost sales. If you are an enterprise and you have an online store on Shopify, you should seize this opportunity to develop your brand and attract more audiences. Here is the third holiday-marketing trend for entrepreneurs to drive sales: 3. Holiday season shipping Shipping service Read More

The Holiday Marketing Trends To Drive Sales (Part 1)

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year and it is the busiest time for many retailers. If you own an online on Shopify, you need to take the advantage of the holiday to boost your sales. Here are many big trends you can capitalize on: 1. Website optimization It’s crucial to Read More

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