Tactics To Gain More Email Sign-Ups For Businesses (Part 3)

There is a fact that email is not only the easy but also the effective way to communicate. It is also true to businesses, especially online brands on the Shopify platform. In addition to the convenience, it is also free, so, don’t forget to take advantage of it for your email marketing. Gaining more email Read More


How To Raise The Prices Without Losing Your Customers (Part 2)

Sometimes you have to change the price of your products or services to make a profit but you worry about your existing customers. However, there are many tips for every business including the merchant on Shopify to raise the prices without losing your customers. As a business, you need to put your customers ahead because Read More


Optimize Your E-Commerce Website In The Holiday Season (Part 2)

In the holiday season, if you want to attract your customers to your website on the Shopify platform, you need to optimize your site to give the best experience to the visitors. Because of the increased holiday traffic, you should improve the loading time. Besides, don’t forget to decorate your site appearance with the holiday Read More


6 Free And Effective Applications On Shopify (Part 2)

In the previous post (Part 1), we have mentioned 3 apps for free on Shopify that you should know. And in this part 2, we continue to introduce 3 others to you and hope you feel its useful. 4.     Chattypeople This is the most advanced chatbot software, which applied artificial intelligent (AI) for Facebook messenger. Read More


6 Free And Effective Applications On Shopify (Part 1)

Shopify has become a popular selling platform in the world. This platform integrates thousands of visualization applications, which opens a vast world of shopping for buyers and support sales platforms for merchants. And here are some useful apps that help you grow your business, especially that list only includes free apps. Related Post: “5 Opportunities Read More


How To Build A Marketing Plan For The Small Business (Part 2)

There is a fact that if we build a good plan to do something, we can do it well. It’s still true when it comes to marketing. It means that if businesses including enterprises on Shopify prepare carefully, they are more likely to drive more sales and get success. In part 1, we show you Read More


Will Artificial Intelligence Replace or Empower Marketers? (Part 1)

Marketing is one of the most important section of every business, including shop owners on Shopify. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a vital part of our daily lives. AI simply mentions machines doing tasks and activities that would normally require human intelligence. It is basically robots taking on tasks that require certain intellectual capacity. It’s Read More


The Impact Of Page Load Time On Your Bottom Line

There is no doubt that we are living in the fast-paced world. We will want it now when we want something, and if we’re going to be far from happy if we are left waiting around. Similarly, the whole scenario is no different for the buying habits online. Therefore, for businesses on Shopify, the page Read More


Use Handwritten Thank-You Cards To Win Customers for Life

Nowadays, customers receive plenty of thank-you emails every day from businesses. Therefore, a brand sending handwritten thank-you cards will stand out in the market. If you are running an online store on Shopify, you should consider using handwritten thank-you card. You can send personalized letters, postcards, or inserting notes with your product. Your handwritten notes Read More


Turn One-Time Seasonal Buyers Into Lifelong Customers (Part 2)

A lifelong customer can spend more on your store than a one-time seasonal buyer. Therefore, it’s time for you to turn one-time client to the loyal shopper for your online business on Shopify. In Part 1, I showed you the method of nurturing the relationship through email and here is the next method. In BFCM, Read More


Turn One-Time Seasonal Buyers Into Lifelong Customers (Part 3)

It’s worthy to turn one-time seasonal buyers into lifelong customers, especially when you are a small business on the Shopify platform because this can help save time and effort but these customers bring you much profit. You’ve read many strategies on Part 1 and Part 2. Let’s see what are the next: Promote your customer Read More


Use Facebook And Google Ads To Market Your Business In Shopify (Part 1)

Depending on the development of technology, selling is becoming more convenient than ever. E-commerce helps businesses so much in both selling and marketing. Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms. That is worthy to try out. When you are selling on both online store and brick-and-mortar store, it’s important to market your brands and Read More


How To Survive And Make Sales In Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is coming and it’s time to prepare for this important day. It’s a great chance for businesses on the Shopify platform to increase sales and promote their brand. In this article, I would like to introduce you how to survive and make sales in Cyber Monday. Simply surviving in this day is not Read More


Develop Your Brand Voice With Five Effective Tictacs

The tone of your company’s brand voice can be a game-changing differentiator In the world of marketing. When you possess a brand on Shopify, your brand voice can make you outstanding in the marketplace. Businesses need a brand voice because the tone and feel of your brand are how your company communicates to your customers. Read More


17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 4)

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns for most businesses including the online shop on Shopify. If you build a suitable plan to perform it, you will gain new customers. I showed you many steps to get success in social media marketing in Part 1&2 and Part 3, and there are Read More

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