3 Ways To Generate More Leads And Maximize Conversions With Email Marketing

Email marketing is becoming popular and it seems to be the effective supporter to increase your revenue of the online store in Shopify. There are many tactics to help you generate the most qualified leads and result in higher conversions. I will mention many top tips for maximizing conversions and generating more leads with your Read More

4 Keys To Get Success In Email Marketing Campaign

Email seems to be an effective channel to communicate with your targets. It is the great way for both long-standing business and startup to build their audience, convert leads and get new customers. If you have a store in Shopify, you can use email marketing to attract clients to it. Here are many points you Read More

5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Each and every day, people send 144 billion emails, so email marketing is still one of the elite channels for business communication. A stand-out message is critical for the customer to click your email and access to your online store in Shopify. There are many pieces of advice on email marketing strategies to get succeed Read More

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

In the industrial era, e-commerce is becoming popular and profitable. Marketing your services or products in Shopify by email can be fast and flexible. Besides, it is also a cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers. Email marketing helps you build the meaningful relationships with your customers. Thanks to it, you can Read More

6 Unrivaled Benefits Of Email Marketing

Thousands of businesses of all sizes around the world use email marketing. It seems to be the most effective marketing channel. Email marketing brings more opportunities for your business and gives a better return on investment. With email marketing, your business in Shopify can create deeper relationships with a wider audience. There are many reasons Read More

What Is Email Marketing?

Since the introduction of the Internet to the world, email marketing has become one of the essential tools for business. It can help you approach your customers and attract them to your online store in Shopify. It is said that email marketing enriches business communications and targets specific key markets. In addition, it is both Read More

Live Chat Service Helps Store Reduce The Expenses!

Reducing staff costs will contribute to the increase in the store’s revenue. Autoketing will give you an effective solution with a convenient app named Facebook chat box. Running a successful business means earning more than you spend. Spending too much on operating costs will always result in reducing the revenue. Thus, online customer support comes Read More

Live Support Helps Businesses Establish A Friendly Relationship With Customers!

Maintaining close relationship between retailer and customers is one of the critical keys to successful business growth. Customer care has never been more important in the era of automation and innovation. Autoketing understands this importance, so Facebook Chat Box is created. Let’s see the advantages of this application. People who use social networks and regularly Read More

Why Should Your Online Store Use Facebook Chat Box?

If you are looking for an effective way to interact with customers, Autoketing will give you a good app, Facebook Chat Box. This app connects to Facebook Messenger, so many shop owners use this it to communicate with buyers. We’ll explain the reasons why Facebook Chat Box app is vital for your store’s success. In Read More

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