Don’t Miss A Chance To Find Business Loan!

Although you are running a big or small business, you need capital some time. However, if you are in bad credit, how can you get a loan? Banks will hesitate or even refuse to lend you money if your credit is bad. So you have to look for other monetary sources. When are you in […]

Story Of Bitcoin in Wall Street

Bitcoin is not a new definition in the currency market. It galloped last year; however, Bitcoin stopped growing fast. It is still a potential currency for many investors. Big e-commerce platforms like Shopify allow merchants and customers to sell and buy with this cryptocurrency. Today, we talk about the position of Bitcoin in Wall Street. […]

3 Secrets To Get Success On Facebook Ads

Facebook is the important part in businesses’ marketing strategies. A social networking site is a place where companies could connect with customers. Now, it is becoming a dynamic advertising platform to produce the same types of results as search engine optimization. If you are a business on Shopify, you should consider using Facebook Ads. Business […]

Why Is Currency Converter Box Indispensable For Business On Shopify?

In the era of technology, selling online is becoming more and more popular so everyone who has the great idea can start a business. There are many e-commerce platforms which can help enterprises build a brand even if they know much about technology or not. Shopify platform is also the good choice for startups. It […]

The Outstanding Features Of Currency Converter Box (Part 2)

Currency Converter Box is a smart app which supports both sellers and buyers on converting the currency units. Thanks to that, customers can easily know the prices of the products in their currency and the sellers can drive sales. With many outstanding features, this app is ideal for business owners on Shopify. It can transfigure […]

The Outstanding Features Of Currency Converter Box (Part 1)

Selling and buying online is now becoming the trend of business around the world. People from different countries in the earth can sell products to not only the domestic consumers but also foreigners with the help of Shopify and Currency Converter Box which allow customers to see the price of the products in the different […]

Improve Customer Satisfaction With 5 Methods

Customer service is essential, isn’t it? You have to support customers immediately as soon as they have problems with your products or service. You will receive good comments if you own good customer service. Customer’s satisfaction means great reviews. If you sell online, especially on Shopify, you should assist customers online at the right time. […]

What Should You Consider Before Deciding To Invest Money?

Don’t do anything with money without a plan! Imagine you own a business on Shopify platform. You see other enterprises or stores are running campaigns. Some are operating advertising campaigns while others have bought more pieces of equipment. You also want to invest in your business. Don’t be hurry! You must review and make a […]

Offer Better Customer Service With Live Chat Practices (Part 3)

As you know, the facebook inbox messages is now used in many online stores on Shopify due to its advantages. It can help enterprises not only improve customer services but also drive sales. In the last part, you will know about 2 last practices of facebook chat login. Match your customer’s tone. Some customers prefer […]

Offer Better Customer Service With Live Chat Practices (Part 2)

live chat on facebook is one of the best ways for businesses to contact and support their customers. When you own an online store on Shopify, it is a good idea for you to take advantage of this app to keep in touch with your clients and in this part, we will show you the […]

Offer Better Customer Service With Live Chat Practices (Part 1)

When the site is integrated with facebook live chat help, it is easier for businesses on Shopify or other platforms to contact with their customers. facebook customer service live chat is an instant message system that connects enterprises to customers. The clients can be accommodated without waiting on a list of callers or explaining themselves […]

Growing Shopify Store Isn’t Difficult Thanks To 5 Accounting Rules

Accounting is a part of the operation of a business. You focus on accounting activities to manage money like revenue, tax or profit. If accounting steps don’t work well, your business will be able to in trouble. Although you own a small or big store on Shopify, you must keep an eye on accounting. Here […]

How To Write Impressive Product Descriptions (Part 2)

It’s very good to create wonderful contents for your product descriptions. Thanks to them, you can get more orders. You use tips of Autoketing as follows to write effective descriptions. They are useful for Shopify store owners. Using superlatives You use superlatives in the descriptions to inform that your products have the highest quality. They […]

How To Write Impressive Product Descriptions (Part 1)

E-commerce isn’t new for businessmen. Many merchants are selling online all over the world. Being a Shopify store owner, you must focus on layout and display to improve your store. Visitors want to purchase products much more if you use nice clear pictures. You not only invest in images but also make stunning descriptions. There are […]

Ten Steps In Accounting Assist Small Businesses (Part 2)

We continue to discover the five remaining steps in accounting which small businesses should focus on. Imagine you own a Shopify shop until your store develops and get big enough, you must make all steps done well. 6. Payment method You must find a payment method for your shop. This method is really suitable for […]

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