5 Ultimate Hacks To Create A Compelling Shopify Popup

Does Shopify Popup work? Anyone can install a Shopify Popup App, but not all can create a compelling Popup that converts. Popup is the best tool when it comes to boosting sales. However, many Shopify Merchants still struggle with conversion rates after implementing Popup. The problem? Most eCommerce businesses pull the trigger without taking time Read More

Top Shopify Best Selling Products during COVID-19

COVID-19 strikes and causes enormous changes to the U.S eCommerce industry in half a year. According to Adobe Analytics, The U.S online sales increased by 42% year over year in August. Since March 2020 more than 107 billion USD has been spent online.  The COVID-19 Pandemic causing a chaotic time for all. See how Shopify Read More

Email Marketing for Shopify

Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 must-have Email Types (Part 2)

In Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 Must-have Email Types (Part 1) we have learned the essential off Email Marketing for Shopify and 4 Email Campaign that boosts your brand’s reputation. In Part 2, we will continue to cover 3 Email Campaigns your Shopify Store can’t exist without. 5. Abandoned Cart Email Series 81.4% of Read More

Email Marketing for Shopify

Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 Must-have Email Types (Part 1)

A study from MarketingSherpa found that 72% of US adults prefer to communicate with brands via emails. The rate is higher than social media, text messages, and phone calls combine. It indicates that people are more fond of emails than any other form of communication. Email Marketing for Shopify proves its capability to increase traffic Read More

13 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Isn’t Great (Part 2)

Isn’t it odd when you invest so much time and money to your Shopify Store, but receive little outcome? In 13 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Isn’t Great (Part 1), we discover 7 ways to Optimize Your Homepage. In Part 2, let learn How to build a productive Shopify Store. Create A Productive Page 8. Read More

13 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Isn’t Great (Part 1)

“I had my Shopify Store for a while, and I’m getting low traffic and no sales. Can anyone provide some guidance on what may be wrong with my site or targeting? Thanks in advance”. Literally every Shopify Store owners at some point You probably have tried tons of methods. Spending money on many highly recommended Read More

COVID-19 Business Strategies: Survive and Thrive

The Coronavirus has spread in the US from March 2020. In just a few months, it has already changed our lifestyle and the way we run businesses. COVID-19 Business Strategies constantly change to adapt. Retail and eCommerce businesses are dealing with new challenges in customer behavior and their spending. The crisis causes major disruptions and devastation Read More

6 Best Shopify Popups Apps in 2020: Pros and Cons

6 Best Shopify Popup Apps in 2020: Pros and Cons

Why Shopify Popup Apps? Shopify Popups has a bad reputation. We all admit it. However, just ask any Shopify entrepreneur, they will mention Shopify Popup Apps as the must-have app in your store. Shopify Popups is the most favorite tool to increase sales and conversion. Let’s find out about 6 Best Shopify Popup Apps in Read More

3 Email Marketing Benefits for Small Businesses

Determining where to direct marketing budget is vital to the success as a newbie to eCommerce. It is especially true for small companies with limited budgets and special needs. Email marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective direct marketing tools to reach and engage with customers, enhancing the face of your brand as well Read More

Top 5 Marketing Strategies of Mother’s Day To Attract More Customers

Mother’s day is just around the corner, as Shopify merchants, can you apply the most optimized and effective marketing strategies for your business to leverage more customers, we are here to lend you a hand.  How to help customers stick to their mom? Here are 5 best creative and interactive marketing campaigns that Shopify retailers Read More

Top 5 Instagram Stories Ads Tips Appealing to Customers

If you haven’t been using Instagram Stories for your eCommerce business so far, let me tell you this Instagram Stories function is a must in 2020! Instagram Stories help businesses in their marketing to improve their engagement, visibility, and content. Instagram Stories are a fun activity with plenty of benefits for your business. During the Read More

Grow Your Business: Beginners TikTok Marketing – Everything you Need to Know about TikTok in 2020

Grow Your Business: TikTok Marketing for Beginners – Everything you Need to Know about TikTok in 2020 Within four years, TikTok has more than one billion users worldwide, leapfrogging Twitter and Snapchat’s success. TikTok was also 2019’s second-most downloaded device, of which recent growth spurt on the video platform has led many business owners to Read More

Ecommerce Content Marketing: 5 Best Blogging Practices for Ecommerce Stores

Blogging is increasingly relevant across a large variety of industries like Shopify. As the owner of a retail business, you should understand the value of marketing. You need to develop your eCommerce presence online, create in-store displays that catch attention and establish a following on social media, as well as for email marketing. However, do Read More

Best Practices of Advanced Mobile Optimization for Ecommerce Websites to Increase Conversions

If you are running an eCommerce website, one key tactic to fight against your opponents and standing out is ranking higher on Google. Nevertheless, if you do not have a mobile advanced mobile optimization, you’re already on the fast track to irrelevance. World of web creation and mobile traffic may sound difficult for a lot Read More

Upselling and Cross-selling: Top Powerful Revenue Booster Strategies for your eCommerce store

Upselling and Cross-selling products are proven to be one of the best revenue booster marketing strategies for eCommerce merchants recently. Through systematic upselling and cross-selling programs, an art of sales strategy, by suggesting to your customers similar or better goods according to their needs and what they are interested in at present, bring the best Read More

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