What Guides Do Newbies Need For E-commerce Shipping? (Part 3)

In this article, we will figure out the next steps to create to an e-commerce shipping campaign on Shopify Shipping. Memorize and implement them carefully to have the most effective campaigns. Combining discount campaigns of create discount master with free shipping offer is a good choice to boost sales. Packaging and marketing E-commerce has developed at […]

What Guides Do Newbies Need For E-commerce Shipping? (Part 1)

Although you run a business on Shopify or other platforms, you do so many things to make customers comfortable. You give them the best experiences to keep them with your store. You design the web’s display, improve the speed of loading, choose nice pictures of products, and write good descriptions. Customers can see all these […]

Main Solutions For Shipping Specific Products Globally

If you sell online on Shopify and demand to bring your products to international customers, you should think about shipping. International shipping is a primary step in the process of expanding the business. To some certain products, the cost of shipping is quite expensive. The farther you ship, the more expensive fee you have to […]

Steps To Run An Effective International Shipping (Part 3)

If you sell products to foreign customers on Shopify, you must set up shipping campaigns effectively. Elements of international shipping You can learn the chart on Shopify to find out what to charge for foreign shipping. There are elements including the cost of shipping, packaging, handling charges, and duties and taxes. You add these expenses […]

Steps To Run An Effective International Shipping (Part 1)

Shopify is a large e-commerce platform. Merchants and customers come from so many different countries in the world. So, shop owners have to set up international shipping campaigns to send products to international buyers. Obviously, Shopify supports merchants to create shipping campaigns. You need to spend time figuring out the method to implement international shipping. […]

Making Use Of Facebook And Google Ads In Shopify’s Marketing

As you are running an online business, one of the questions you have to answer is how to get more and more traffic. The more traffic comes to your site, the more chance you have to sell items. Although you manage a store on Shopify, Big Commerce or Woo Commerce, you have to improve traffic […]

Avoid Seven Common Advertisement Mistakes On Facebook (Part 2)

Facebook is a potential market for businessmen. You don’t have to spend too much money to build a brick-and-mortar store. You sell products right on Facebook using the selling functions. However, it’s not easy to get plenty of profit. You have to do so many things. The advertisement is one of them. Don’t make these […]

Avoid Seven Common Advertisement Mistakes On Facebook (Part 1)

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. There are over two billion active accounts. Users not only communicate and shares thoughts but also sell products on Facebook. Many people choose to run a business on this platform. It’s no doubt that Facebook provides one of the biggest advertising platforms for businesses in […]

Build A Marketing Checklist For Newbie In E-Commerce

E-commerce is galloping in the world economy. More and more merchants take part in shopping online platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Big Commerce. E-commerce is a very potential market. For new merchants who want to get the first sales, marketing is very important. When visitors come to your shop, you have a chance to introduce […]

The Role Of Email Marketing In Business Development

You have so many options when you want to choose a way to market your online business. They are social media, email, SEO or content marketing. Email is a very traditional method, but it is still effective. Easy access to the audience According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email has an ROI of around 4,3%. […]

5 Tips To Analyze Your App Idea

This article gives you common pieces of advice if you are an entrepreneur and you have an app idea. How can you know whether your idea is potential and your app will work well? You should analyze everything before you start your project to mitigate risks. Does the market need your app? You produce an […]

How Does Shopify Create A Worldwide Platform?

Shopify is not unfamiliar with merchants in the world. It is a big e-commerce platform where hundred thousands of businesses are selling online. Let’s find out how Shopify make a platform for everyone. Shopify’s mission is to build a better e-commerce platform for all store owners from everywhere. Shopify will create the same experiences for […]

Shopify Accept Bitcoin As A Currency Of Official Payment

Bitcoin is one of the popular cryptocurrencies in the world. The name “Bitcoin” has become more familiar with businessmen. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It has its value and interest rate. Bitcoin has been accepted much more. E-commerce platforms like Shopify decided to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Shopify announced that their merchants could begin […]

Paid Advertising: Spending Money To Make Money (Part 1)

It is clear that the best way for enterprises to get the targeted traffic quickly is through the paid advertising. The traffic is important for your brand, especially the new brand, so if you have a new online store on Shopify, you should invest in getting the targeted traffic. It is good news that many […]

Why Targeted Traffic Is Crucial For New Stores

If you have a new store on Shopify of other platforms, there are various issues for you to focus, one of them is the targeted traffic. It is crucial because it helps you have a right look for your online store. Therefore, you can give the suitable changes and plan to improve your website well. […]

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