Free shipping: Whether It is a Solution or a Trouble for Ecommerce Businesses

The word free has an effect on purchasing behavior, customers do love free shipping. In fact, 90% of customers see free shipping as the top reason for them to buy online more often. Therefore, a great deal of retailers/ wholesalers think they have to sell goods by offering free shipping in today’s market.  Although essential Read More

Reality Hits: Is Covid-19 Boosting eCommerce (Shopify) as Consumers Are Afraid of Direct Transactions?

The number of recoveries from Covid-19 infections has been increasing, however, some European countries especially Italy has been greatly affected. Global citizens have butterflies in their stomach about buying goods in stores and try to avoid direct transactions as much as possible, the coronavirus impact on retail started to become a hard reality. In contrast, Read More

The Effect of Shopify on eCommerce

With the help of business model sites such as Shopify, people can build up their own eCommerce store without difficulty. It cannot be deniable that running an online store on Shopify does wonders for that business if they know how to take advantage of it, however, it somehow can make or break a business.  In Read More


How To Grow E-Commerce Sales By Using Email Marketing

Email marketing becomes an important part of business marketing strategy in recent years, especially business in e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Having an email list is one of the best ways (besides social networks) to reach new customers and engage with potential ones. In order to run a successful email campaign, we need to carefully think about Read More


17 Best Free Shopify Apps To Boost Sales In 2021

It is said that Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that helps merchants to build a business from the beginning. Moreover, the Shopify app store has various value apps for enterprises to boost sales and achieve eCommerce success. However, it’s hard to find out the best apps among 2000+ apps. You may feel overwhelming when Read More


10 Best Shopify Apps For Merchants To Boost Sales In 2021

“My Shopify store has low traffic and low sales. Can anyone recommend some Shopify Apps that would help with this? Any would help. Thanks in advance.” Every Shopify merchant at some points. Did you see yourselves asking or seeking the answers in Shopify Community? Searching for Must-have Shopify Apps has never been an old topic Read More

Большой ассортимент игровых автоматов играть бесплатно и без регистрации на просторах онлайн казино Вулкан 24.

Большой ассортимент игровых автоматов играть бесплатно и без регистрации на просторах онлайн казино Вулкан 24. Уникальная игровая площадка с самыми комфортными условиями казино Вулкан 24 и ее большой ассортимент ярких, новых и дающих игровых автоматов. Возможность каждому посетителю играть бесплатно и без регистрации в яркие слоты. Игра на реальные деньги принесет каждом участнику онлайн казино Read More


How To Do To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign (Part 2)

Until now, the email marketing campaign is also one of the most marketing strategies for businesses including the online store on Shopify. Enterprises need to give the best shot to build the best plan to take advantage of email marketing campaign for your brand. Nowadays, email is popular and more and more people use email, Read More

How To Manage Affiliates

The affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular and it is also a trend for business due to its effectiveness. If you are running an online store on Shopify, it’s a good idea for you to apply this method of marketing to get the best result and boost your sales. You’ll want to keep Read More

5 Tips To Analyze Your App Idea

This article gives you common pieces of advice if you are an entrepreneur and you have an app idea. How can you know whether your idea is potential and your app will work well? You should analyze everything before you start your project to mitigate risks. Does the market need your app? You produce an Read More

Story Of Bitcoin in Wall Street

Bitcoin is not a new definition in the currency market. It galloped last year; however, Bitcoin stopped growing fast. It is still a potential currency for many investors. Big e-commerce platforms like Shopify allow merchants and customers to sell and buy with this cryptocurrency. Today, we talk about the position of Bitcoin in Wall Street. Read More

How To Handle The Common E-Commerce Payment Challenge

An important time for small businesses is the end of the calendar year. But when customers refuse to pay invoices or back payments, what happens? You might have to call in a collection agency or chase customers down to get the payments that are rightfully yours. If you have an online store on Shopify, you Read More

Write A Perfect Business Plan With 8 Simple Steps   

The business plan plays an important role in the process of founding a company. It’s essential to write an effective plan. According to Hubspot, you can follow the eight steps to make a good plan. The step one is to write an executive summary. To provide readers with an overview of the business before they Read More

Starting A Business Isn’t A Piece Of Cake

Many people have business ideas, but they don’t know where to start. You desire to earn much more money. You have to stand up and do something. Opening a store or establishing a company is difficult at all. You must have a good plan at least and follow it step by step. It’s necessary to Read More

Weak Points Of E-Commerce Business

Electronic commerce is a fad in the global economy. The number of enterprises attending the e-commerce market has increased dramatically. The sale revenues are expected to grow rapidly and reach a huge amount of profit.  E-commerce creates various advantages, yet it has disadvantages. Customers cannot try on items directly Many customers don’t choose to buy Read More

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