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Who Can Do The Marketing Job Better? A Person Or A Robot?

history August 3, 2018

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The effective marketing requires time, skill and creativity. When you have an online store on Shopify or other platforms, you want to get back some time and increase your productivity. Should you hire a new member or consider an automation software or automating parts of your business?

Choose the best that suits your business model. Here are the few things for you to consider

What are your objectives?

Take the time to think about what you hope to gain from either hiring a new team member or purchasing an automation tool.

If you are looking for more creativity and a fresh perspective on your work, hiring a new member brings you new ideas and skills. On the contrary, the tool is better if you are looking to gain more time or strengthen lead generation.


The biggest benefit to marketing automation software is saving time to focus more on messaging and higher-level strategy. Automation software shortens the time in a social media campaign: scheduling, publishing and monitoring content and your community.


Automation is expensive. The large-scale automation technologies sold to large corporations is certainly a more expensive proposition. However, it can help you to streamline your business and be more effective with your leads.


You are given the control over your work when adding a new member to the team. In a particular campaign, hiring a team member whose work you can tailor to your needs is better.

However, automation software can eliminate the issue of human error. For instance, the tired, distracted or overworked employees post the wrong thing at the wrong time.


You should hire a new member or take advantages of automation depending on your objectives and where you are right now in your business growth. They benefit you in different ways at different times and they are not mutually exclusive.

Choose the best option that suits your business model.

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