How Should Business Use Facebook Live? (Part 1)

You know video on Facebook is king. The video is now used more and more popularly and you can see several videos when you scroll through your feed. How you can take advantage of Facebook Live for your businesses on Shopify?

Firstly, you should share videos of your product or service on a regular basis. It means that you use your own videos and video-based posts to catch the attention of those who follow or like your page. But you must start using Facebook Live if you really want to take your business to the next level.

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Guerilla Marketing for the 21st Century

Its sense of authenticity is one of the things people appreciate Facebook Live. It means there are no editing tricks or slick production values for most live video.

Facebook Live video is accessible for anyone who wants to market brand. You just need to begin with a smartphone, a relatively quiet space, decent lighting, and a good internet connection.


It is possible to increase engagement with your posts by doing this consistently and talking to your customers while you broadcast. Thanks to this, the Facebook algorithm to promote your content more aggressively to those who follow your page.

Another great feature of Facebook is the facebook live chat which allows merchants to contact with customers and support them any time.

An outstanding feature of Facebook live is that after you stop filming, Facebook converts this live video to a recorded video which allows your audiences to watch at any time.

Content Ideas

It seems to be difficult for brands to generate compelling ideas for the live video. If you don’t have a goal in mind and a general idea of what to say when getting in front of the camera and, it is unlikely your followers will continue watching. As the result, it leads to hurting the statistics of the video and may cause Facebook to not promote it as heavily.

The sale season is coming soon, why don’t you utilize the discount master app to create an attractive discount campaign to promote your brand?

However, businesses can consider these several great topics to create compelling live video content on a regular basis:

Inside Look

Your followers want to know more about what it takes to make it work no matter what kind of business you are. It can be a walk down the production line or a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the office. There are ample opportunities to capture unique footage.

Answer Questions

You receive regular questions regardless of your industry. In these cases, you can use your Facebook Live session as a way to answer these commonly asked questions. You can also allow your customers to send more questions when you are in Facebook live.


Facebook Live is an excellent way to build interest if you have an upcoming event, special or launch. With live video, you can give them an excited verbal preview or show people a little of what is to come.

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