Business Guide For Video Marketing On Social Media (Part 2)

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of social media in marketing. Therein, video marketing is now popular because of its applicability and a large number of users. Don’t forget to apply this type of marketing to your website on Shopify.

In part 1, we talked about how to apply video marketing on Youtube and Facebook and now we continue with other platforms:


Twitter has a large number of users and a diverse user base. Besides, the regular users of this platform are extremely engaged with it.

The network not only is about short, text-based messages but also allows users to include videos directly into their tweets. These videos pop up in the feed of anyone who follows your account. The length of the videos is up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It means the business has plenty of time to engage viewers with a short clip.

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  • Be concise: Try to stick to short, easily digestible clips because the users usually view their feeds sporadically, often for just a few seconds at a time.
  • Engage: Giving users to engage directly with the brands they care about is a part of Twitter’s appeal. In addition, reward viewers with a response when they comment or share your videos.
  • Be timely: People usually visit your Twitter to know what’s happening now. Therefore, it’s a great idea to use your videos to advertise ongoing sales and special deals. Allow visitors to know what’s happening now and they will engage with you.
  • Go live: You can go live on Twitter with Periscope. It can contribute to boosting engagement and you can interact with followers instantly.

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Instagram seems to be a social network which is only used to sharing videos and photos. Therefore, it might seem like to be suitable for the highly visual businesses including food or fashion. However, you can also make the platform work for just about any brand with a little creativity.

It is simple to use Instagram. You can upload photos, images, and videos right after creating an account. These contents are updated in the news feed of users and they can like or comment on them.

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  • Use Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories include videos and pictures which may disappear after 24 hours. The business owner can get creative with tools such as polls, stickers, GIFS, and basic text.
  • Try out IGTV: It let users create vertical videos up to an hour in length.
  • With IGTV, businesses can unveil new products and demo features, do in-depth product reviews, conduct educational talks, and long FAQ sessions.
  • Be engaging: Businesses can engage with customers in real time with Instagram Stories. Create the polls to ask them any questions or answer their questions.
  • Show off: Brands can share images of new services or products on a regular post or Instagram Stories.
  • Post deals: Share coupon codes and other details about redeeming special deals in your images. This activity can encourage audiences to follow your account closely so they don’t miss out.
  • Go behind the scenes: Give customers a glimpse of your office or show people how your product is made.

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It is a platform which suits small business. You can not only upload short video clips, images but also send the content directly to anyone who follows your account.

That users can only see each video once before it disappears from their feed is the trademark feature of Snapchat, but that restriction only applies to videos sent directly to individuals.


  • Keep it casual: Snapchat posts can be simple and casual. Don’t worry if a post isn’t perfect because it disappears soon anyway.
  • Make it fun: Brand can keep young Snapchat users engaged and coming back for more with the clips of employees or customers having fun with your product.
  • Go behind the scenes: Take viewers behind the scenes of your business for a glimpse of how it’s run.

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