You have heard that the brand plays an essential part in building the reputation of a business. That’s totally true. If you own a store on Shopify, you need to create a brand for every visitor realize your enterprise. A brand is a name and logo helping everyone to find out you. That makes you different from other stores. Companies or stores have names, products, logos, slogans, and design elements like font, colors, and particular images. All of them create who they are and their identity.

Because the brand is necessary, your duty is to build an outstanding brand. You follow 7 steps to produce a brand name.

  1. Define the target customers and investigate opponents
  2. Choose your particular features
  3. Pick a business name
  4. Come up with a slogan
  5. Design (font, colors)
  6. Logo
  7. Put the brand into all parts of the business

While you do these steps, you should care about some essentials.

When you know your place in the market, you have effective plans and strategies to grow your business. You determine target customers and competitors. You can apply some methods to find out them. You search on Google your products/services category, then analyze rivals. Try to survey target customers and define which your products they use. You even look into customers’ activities on social media. Become a customer and attempt to place orders or purchase any products like a real buyer.

It’s essential to choose a nice name for your business. It should be impressive and easy to remember. The business name is tied to the logo, domain, trademark registration, marketing plans, and so on. The name is what customers see when they visit your store. You must get their attention. They can memorize your name if it is special. You continue to select the suitable colors and font. Font needs to be simple to read, and you should choose the main color for brand realization.

Do your best to come up with a one-of-a-kind slogan. It is unique and special. The slogan shows your company’s characteristics. It also appears on various parts of the company. You can change the slogan when you have a new better one. Learn tips from big corporations like use metaphor, customers’ perceptive,  leverage labels, rhyme or you just tell the simplest thing. Design a beautiful logo.

After you create an effective brand, you can develop other parts of your business. If you want to chat with customers through Facebook, you can use facebook chat app of Autoketing. Try to install email with love on to say thank to buyers via emails.


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