How To Build A Marketing Plan For The Small Business (Part 2)

There is a fact that if we build a good plan to do something, we can do it well. It’s still true when it comes to marketing. It means that if businesses including enterprises on Shopify prepare carefully, they are more likely to drive more sales and get success.

In part 1, we show you many tips on how to build a marketing plan for the small business and here are the next:

The key components of marketing strategy include:

  • Set a marketing strategy
  • Establishing your brand’s visibility
  • Conducting a social media audit
  • Creating an SEO strategy
  • Creating a powerful high-quality content
  • New product and service releases
  • Creating a customer journey map

You should consider using the right tools for marketing project management to manage your tasks with ease.

A powerful marketing strategy can not only help you achieve your goals but also give you the invaluable lessons for the futures.


Besides creating vibrant content, you also need to promote your services by using a variety of materials. These materials include print business cards, presentation folders, catalogs, product sheets, newsletters, brochures, posters, letterhead, and labeling.

Keep in mind that your material should be professional.

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Outline your communication channels

Social media is an integral part of our lives and if you are not part of it, you are virtually impossible to succeed in today’s digital marketing. It is vital because it makes your brand more visible across a variety of social media platforms.

However, you should research to choose the social media channels working for your business. Select two or three that are dominant for your market instead of spreading across multiple social platforms.

For example, you tend to target customers on Facebook and Instagram, you should focus on these social media networks.

Don’t forget to support your customers with the Facebook inbox.


Establish your budget

It is undoubtedly that you have to invest money into your marketing campaign. You should make a plan to utilize your budget reasonably.

A statistic shows that start-ups and small businesses budget as much as 7 to 10 percent of annual sales for marketing.

So, make the right combination of marketing hours and marketing dollars if you want to achieve success because it helps your team produce the best outcome.

To give the best experience, try out currency converter to allow customers to see the price of products in many currencies.

Define your conversion strategy

Finding the right metrics and gauge the results of your marketing campaign is the only way to measure the performance of your marketing strategy. Your conversion techniques and strategies can help you turn potential clients into consumers who will buy your product or a service.

You can try out two or three variants and see which one performs the best. Then, you should always be looking for some secret formula to help you triumph in your marketing campaigns.

You will steer yourself onto the path of great marketing success if you invest time into creating a suitable marketing plan including many smart marketing activities.

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